I have been scammed about this Black BBag, please.. i deperately need help

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  1. i listed this

    no one is allowed to psot their auctions or IDs here.

    and someone send me msg.. and said.. my truffle is real.. my black is not.. i bought the black from someone that guaranteed it's authentic:wtf:.. and we authenticated it at barney's in beverly hills.. and also arturo's shoe fixx.. that was the expert of balenciaga 'cuz i did have it cleaned and fixed a little on one of the handles.

    no i'm soooo scared and upset :cursing: :confused1:.. i took both auctions down..

    help me.. what the hell is wrong with the bag... i tried calling her back.. she didn't pick up :mad:.. should i come over to her house:rant:.. or what i do????? I left a voice mail on her phone, said I have something I need to talk to her.. well, i was doing it nicely...

    Can someone come with me to confront her? Or write me a letter.. I'll bring it to her and ask for my money back. Again, I know nothing about Balenciaga. I bought my first one at Barney's last year... myself, and I think i can still find the receipt.. but this one :crybaby: and it's someone I know too

    Now that I think about this.. since i know her.. i'm just more mad and sad :cry:

    help me [​IMG]
  2. They are correct in that the brown one is authentic, black one is fake. So you know the girl who sold it to you? Yep, definitely get your money back.
  3. Oh im soooo sorry this happened to you. I agree the black one is definately a fake. Maybe try to keep calm and explain to her that you bought it as authentic and it has been verified that it is indeed fake. The bales are square and the metal tag is completely wrong, so is the hardware. My heart goes out to you!
  4. Please first take a deep breath and calm down... it will get straightened out <hugs>

    Post pics in "Athenticate This" of the bags in question then take it from there... Good luck :smile:
  5. maybe it is too early in the morning and i just need to get some sleep after working a 12 hours night shift, but i am confused about what is going on. can someone clarify it for me?

    sorry sweetie that this is happening to you. *big hugs* we will try to help you in any way possible.
  6. :confused1:Oh I`m so sorry, this happened to me a few times.

    From now on I try to be more careful.
    Trust your gut before you buy and do a lot of
    reasearch first, hope things turn out ok.:crybaby:
  7. she's a friend of my friend, i know her from my friend. So now, I'm trying to email her, explain about this first. I already left a voice mail on her cell phone. I hope she call me back...

    How could someone do such thing?? At least, we know each other... OMG :sad:
  8. Maybe she didn't know the bag was fake when she sold it to you? I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt.
  9. ITA - at least she is a friend of a friend, so you have a connection with her. try to be calm about it and not confrontational or accuse her - she might not know it was a fake either.

    i wish you the best in working this out, please let us know what happens :smile:
  10. i have posted on Authenticate This BBag and hope someone can have me, write down everything wrong with the bag, and I will talk to her about it

    I hope she didn't either, but i still want my money back :sad:

    thanks guys.
  11. Welovelouie, show her these pics (or print out this post):

    Authentic bale (note its round shape):

    Fake bale (note its square shape):

    Authentic tag:

    Fake tag:

  12. Glimmer, that is so sweet of you to do that for her. Now she should be able to print this out and show it to her friend of a friend, and say, this is why it is not authentic. So concise!

    Good luck on getting your money back - it will all work out - it may take a little time, but your friend of a friend will not want to be seen as a fraudster, so she hopefully will give you your money back immediately. If she doesn't, you need to tell her you are contacting the local police department because she is selling counterfeit goods. Do you have your cancelled check? Selling counterfeit goods is illegal, and she can be prosecuted. In a past life, I was an attorney - now I'm a happily retired attorney. :yes:
  13. I hope everything works out in the end ... I really think your friend's friend may not have known that the bag was fake. Good luck!*big hug*
  14. I'm just giving you a hug, it really sucks to get scammed I know how it feels, but maybe your friend didn't know the bag was not real, just give her the benefit of the doubt. I really hope it all works out for you.
  15. Yikes, what a nightmare! I'm so sorry this happened to you. Hopefully the girls' pointers will help you get this straightened out... please keep us informed!
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