I have been REALLY bad, but DH is ok with it! New GRAIL in the HOUSE!

  1. I never thought that this would happen. I asked for it for months. I was on the list and my SA kept telling me that they just haven't gotten ANYTHING in at all since before Christmas. What my SA doesn't understand is that when I want something, I want it now (like most of us:yes:). So, I don't stop looking, peeking and general stalking until I get it. No..I am not crazy just obsessed by bags:supacool:.

    This is my intro..off to take some pics.. (those of you who know....shhhh )please:tup:
  2. Another Reveal :yahoo: ???
    I'm ready :popcorn: !!!!
  3. :yahoo::yahoo::graucho::woohoo:
  4. OHhhhhh, what is it!!!!!!!:nuts:
  5. Yes bring it on :smile:
  6. Sorry..baby was poopy!
    my new baby 001.jpg my new baby 002.jpg my new baby 003.jpg my new baby 004.jpg
  7. HINT! Check out Poopy baby!:graucho:
    my new baby 006.jpg
  8. ^Oh Such A Beautiful Baby.....
  9. Thank you Bag! He was/is a little grumpy. I don't think he liked the "H" box:shocked:
  10. oooooooooooh..exciting!!!
  11. OK...I am not good at waiting these things out..here she is!
    Ms. Birkin Herself~ Gold Togo w/ Gold hardware 30:love: and all her new goodies;)
    my new baby 009.jpg my new baby 008.jpg my new baby 011.jpg
  12. What An Absolute Doll ~ With The Sweetest Mommy Ever!!!!!!!!
  13. :yahoo: .......Absolutely Gorgeous & A Total Dream Bag!!!!!!!! Congratulations Sweetheart!!!!!!

    ***I Need To Ask: Are You Happier With The Neutrals (We Already Know You Have A Beautiful Rainbow Of Accessories!!!!!!)?
  14. OMG! That is just the cutest picture ever!!

  15. Thank you Bag~ I just had to have this. I have been tossing it around in my head for weeks. Finally decided to take the plunge. The biggest plunge I have ever taken ((Gulps out loud)):shocked:...:girlsigh::love::heart: