I have been quiet... nevertheless I have been bad ... PICS and MORE coming

  1. A striptease or not a striptease? I just reveail :p Here is my in action pic of one of my new purchases lately.... what is it?
    what is it.jpg
  2. I see a Constance. Can't quite see what leather it is though.

    WOW..you look good! I love that simple, classy, LBD!!

    Constance? Box Leather?
  4. It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for--they're always up to something..:graucho:What is it indeed?! Is that a lizard Constance???:nuts: BTW, you look so slim--I guess you and DH shed all your vacation weight. You look FABULOUS!!!
  5. i see texture like croc
  6. right on!!! and definitely needs more DAYLIGHT pictures!!!!
  7. Lizard?
  8. Oh working out!!! and a diet too ... bleeeh .. pays off though..
    textured indeed.
  9. uh huh--i saw sumthin croc like:smile:
  10. It's a black croc or lizard? with GH?
  11. How pretty that Constance is on you.
  12. Don't get 'mad' to me.... this housing thing (3 houses) making me nuts... so here I am I have a camera and a Iphone... but no chargers... they are at the main home... tomorrow I will be back... AND make the appropiate PICS of ALL beautiful purchases I made during my *quiet* period....

  13. this is cruelty that violates the geneva convention:hysteric:
  14. YES you know exactly what I mean !
  15. What's going on here? :confused1:

    1. An unidentified black lizard or croc Constance on a super gorgy and slim H&H?

    2. Mysterious mulitple purchases
    3. H&H is back with vengeance.....Hurrah:dothewave:

    I really miss seeing your posts sweetie:heart: and you know how I feel about constances.