I have been out of the loop for a while--so are GSTs impossible to find right now?

  1. I saw the price increase post, and thought I might want to snag one before that, but am I too late?
  2. Well for the Feb 1 increase you are. But some of the threads say that there will be another increase April 1. Good luck!
  3. not at all
  4. you need to get waitlisted if you want one at all, price incerease or not they're impossible to get right now :sad:
  5. The black with silver for sure is waitlisted. I have been waiting since January 16th to be exact!
  6. Saks in Town Center Mall in Boca may still have a GST but with gold h/w.....(561) 417-5151!
  7. there was a blk gst s/h at a Saks in CA (not sure which one) that my SA in Phoenix ordered for me but I cancelled it since I didn't want to pay sales tax (since I live in CA)...somebody should snatch it if they can find it!
  8. There is a tan with gold hardware at the Chanel in the Palm Beach Gardens, FL Mall
  9. I was told the black w/silver hardware is the most difficult to get and has the longest waitlist (of the GST's)
  10. they aren't that hard to find, you just have to ignore what SA's tell you sometimes, and try on your own.

    I called 4 stores and they told me I had to waitlist for black with gold h/w, but then I called Patti at Saks BH and she had several in stock.
  11. Too late for the price increase but not the bag. I put myself on the list in NY and made a 2nd call to Bal Harbour, just to check, and was able to get a black with s/h that someone never picked up.
  12. I saw a black w/gh just yesterday in a NM in TX.