I have been missing everyone!

  1. So I just wanted to pop in and say that I have been so busy traveling and with work lately that I have not been on as much as I wanted to be!! Any free time I had was to ban spammers, but I really have missed all of you. I will be posting a lot more now and showing you all some pictures!! I need to upload them :tup:

    Hope you are all having a great rest of the summer!!
  2. yey! great to see you back megs.
  3. Sounds like you are having a great time traveling this summer!!
    Great to see you back!
  4. ^ Traveling has been good and overwhelming!!! I am just glad to be back on solid ground for a bit!
  5. I love travelling too - but sometimes it just seems so *good* to be home.

    Glad you're back!!
  6. I am glad you are having a great summer.

    We miss you too!
  7. We've missed you too!

    Where you been jetting off to?
  8. Hi Megs,

    ahh its great to have you back!

    and we have been playing nicely with the other kids too ;) honest ma!!!!

  9. Glad to see you back, Megs! :tup: Lots of fun stuff going on here - lots to catch up on. Welcome home! :nuts:
  10. Megs...??? WHO IS THAT?

    hahahahahahahaha!JOKIN...of course we missed ya!!!!!!
  11. yeah, welcome back Megs! (i actually first wrote 'welcome bags, megs'...is that freudian or what, LOL!!!)
  12. Welcome back, we missed you, too!
  13. Welcome back! :flowers: Looking forward to the pictures.
  14. Welcome Home:heart:
    I loved being able travel when I worked, but I was ALWAYS happy to be home:love:
  15. I was in Key West then Ft. Lauderdale then Washington DC, then to Lake Eerie... and now I am back!!!