I have been looking for a RITZ bag since 2006...

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  1. Ooohhh... Congrats!

    I love the Navy

    Pls post modelling pics when u receive these beauties
  2. I think you will LOVE them! The leather is sooooooooo soft and smooth and buttery and just heavenly.

    The straps are gorgeous!

    And the 3 compartments are kinda clever and cool. It could be an everyday bag for the extremely organized, but that is not me :smile:
  3. Great score! I haven't seen this flap before and its quite unique! Although they are the same bag the colors and leathers make them look so different. The black is classy and the blue is casual.
  4. I love the ritz and missed on it :sad:! they're both so beautiful esp the black one!:love: congrats and enjoy them!:yes:
  5. Congrats...great purchases! I love both and they are gorgeous....don't forget to post the actual bags when u receive her.
  6. Oooh congrats! I love them both..very pretty:yahoo:
  7. Thanks ladies:smile:, everytime I take a look at smoothprter & nightshade's modeling pics. in the reference thread, I was just :drool: over the Ritz..love this style, and I'm glad I had founded them, yes I will post pics. once I'll get them:smile:
  8. Hey Norma! We'll have to start a "blue" Chanel club! Awesome finds! Congrats!!!
  9. great bags!
    I love them both -enjoy!
  10. Love the ritz.....congratulations. Can't wait to see them on you.....
  11. awww! congrats N on finally finding your 2 equally beautiful Ritz bags! cnt wait to see more pics;)
  12. Wonderful bag. I have the patent and absolutely love it. It's also very roomy.
  13. VERY NICE! I wish I could do my shopping this way... Two bags at a time, *sigh*! They are both gorgeous and I can't wait to see your pictures of them. The ritz seems to have been very under-appreciated when it first came out but I'm glad it is getting lots of love now! I have to say, I thought I'd like the patent but the blue is just beautiful! Congrats again!!!
  14. i love the navy lambskin! it's TDF! gorgeous ;) can't wait to see piccies