I have been "GOOD" how about you???

  1. by the time November 1st comes around...it will have been exactly 1 month since I've bought any LV:yes: ...that's pretty good to my standards (and trust me, it has not been easy!)...but the longest I've ever gone without buying any LV or designer goodies is 2 months (which felt like an eternity!!) so ladies and gents...

    :confused1: What is the longest purse ban you've ever been on???:confused1:

    I have a feeling after I buy the Azur Speedy I may be on the longest ban...EVER.:crybaby: So sad...but with the price hike, and school getting very busy and more expensive...I don't think I can afford anything more! Since May, I have purchased at least one LV item every month since then! This year alone, I've spent like 3G's alone on LV :shrugs:boy did that shock me! I could have bought a couple of chanels...hehe (maybe I shouldn't have said that...) Anyways...how have you all been doing??:rolleyes:
  2. i was on a ban..and broke it after a month! right now i've imposed a continuation of the ban...until..hopefully my birthday next june!
  3. hehe...my bday is june too...after november I may be on ban until june...damn that's a long time!! but a month is pretty good!
  4. Im on a ban for purses untill one needs replacement....

    I have realized that I build up a collection of my dreams and buying more, even though I dont need anymore, would make me feel bad about the whole thing....

    I feel good about the decision as time passes but...it is hard.....I allow myself to buy accessories to hold me over....and that really helps...
  5. but first i need to stay away from this forum..or have super will power.. :crybaby:
  6. i'm not really on a ban, per se, but i'm getting two more bags hopefully next week, then that will be it for me for a while -- unless my last discontinued bag shows up :P. it's only because i don't like any of the new lines that i won't be buying anything for a while. but once december rolls around... :graucho::devil:
  7. I banned myself 2 weeks before buying MC Trouville...I know better now..I can't ban myself..I have bigger urge to get more when on ban.

    I guess I have to sell some bags and wallet..

    I really need to save up more...yes..for more bag LOL..

    I've been on ban for the last 2 weeks....I think so far so good..
    I have to stay strong..stay focus..
  8. I have never done a 'ban', but I have gone through streaks....but I think that's just from going overboard a bit, then not needing / wanting anything. I think the longest is 2 to 3 months.
  9. 2-3 months is very good! when I was on ban for two months...it actually felt very good for me!:yes: no guilt whatsoever!

    stay strong Nita...let's save up for more bags in the future...be sure to let us know what bags and wallets you plan on selling!! wait...that wasn't very good for me to say...I have to resist the temptation!:graucho:

    I know how you feel Sandra...after my Azur...there just aren't anymore bags that are calling my name, or any that I'm lusting after...I guess I'll have to wait until the new Spring bags come out then we'll see what LV has come up with to break us from our winter bans...btw...what do you have your eyes after in Dec...or are you gonna surprise us??:wtf:

    hehe...accessoires count in my book!! buying a $216 vernic cles was a huge impulse buy for me!!:yes:
  10. I've been BETTER! My last real LV purchase was September 24th. The scammer's CB pochettes don't count.

    I would've bought another LV since, but I keep losing my auctions. I've lost on three epi pochettes and two CB papillons now.
  11. No, I haven't been good. I said I was going on a ban and I totally have bought things! LOL Oh well. I love my stuff!
  12. I´ve been baad. I´ve got a Luco, epi scarf and flip-flops coming up. After that I´m going on a full on ban (no nothing, LV especially) until June.
  13. hehe...Karman you have been good! congrats to yah...I hope I can continue this ban for as long as i can...I hate feeling guilty knowing how much I spend on a bag...and I can get so much more shoes, clothes etc with the price of my bag!! anyways, that's not my point...I LOVE BAGS!! I guess it can be a good thing when you lose auctions then....well, SOMETIMES!!:girlsigh:
  14. g'luck nola!!! I'm with yah until JUNE!! I hope!:P

    good for you...enjoy your things!! this ban will be easy for me, because how can I be tempted when I know I don't have the funds!!:shame:
  15. I have been very good! I haven't bought a bag since late May when I got my speedy. I only have a few months left on my current ban! Its been so hard! I think I'll make it though.