I have been dreaming of some new colors for the reissues and the flap...

  1. I would love to see a reissue in a burgandy color, either with patent leather like the navy one, or with texture like the metallic black. If they come up with that I would love it in 227! I have also been dreaming of a mini flap, caviar or patent leather in red, bubblegum pink or green. Have you ever dreamt of a different color/leather for a style you love but is yet to come?
  2. i would love a yellow caviar flap (a bright yellow not the mustard kind)
  3. ^Me too.. LOL.. I think this one was released before.. Because I saw one popped out of eBay before and michele said it's authentic.. I want one in yellow, one in apple green and orange. :biggrin:
  4. oh yes...............i would love the classic jumbo flaps out in candy colors like Balenciaga does: forest green, apple green, turquoise, sky blue, indigo, yellow, magenta, coral
    where's the kidney donation clinic? :p