I have been de-flowered in Paris...

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  1. and now I have a small family. :graucho:

    I arrived in Paris on All Souls' Day unknowingly. So of course H was closed, increasing my grief with Catholicism.

    The next morning I walked to Faubourg and George V stores and spent the whole day scouting for goods.

    I'd like to thank all of you who gave me advice on prices, leathers, colors, and styles.

  2. Eeep!!

  3. :nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:
  4. Oh my!!!

  5. That is quite a haul you got there.
  6. WOW! You did well, can't wait to see what you got :drool:
  7. Someone's trying to steal the show here... :lol:

    That is quite the loot, congratulations!
  8. NOW WERE TALKING!!!:nuts::nuts:
  9. OMG!!!!!:nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:
  10. Ohhhhh myyyyyy gooooodnessssss!!!

    Show us!!!!!!!!
  11. Oh YEAH !!!!
  12. Holy Mother of Everything!!! Someone's got some pent up Hermes in her
  13. omg! show us!!! puhleeezzz
  14. :lol::lol:
  15. WOW !!!

    Please show