I have been bitten by the 'bird'...

  1. I'm now so addicted to BV ostrich pieces. I picked up 2 more little birdies. :p

    Pergamena Ostrich wallet and an Ebano Ostrich travel/cosmestic case (I'll use it in my Cabat)
    Dsc00093.jpg Dsc00094.jpg Dsc00095.jpg Dsc00096.jpg Dsc00097.jpg
  2. :nuts:

    Wow, those birds are beauties!! :heart:

  3. OMG!!! uclaboi!
    they are beautiful!! i actually love the "bumps" on them...gives them character!
    wat kind of colour is the wallet? it looks kinda light greenish on my screen...

    are there any partitions in the travel/cosmetics case?
  4. Thanks, Leah and kopibaby.

    I think that's one of the reasons I like ostrich. Pergamena is a white/light beige color. Sorry for the bad pics. I took them with my cell phone and the lighting is not so good.

    The case has no partition, but it has ebano suede lining.
  5. no worries - it could be my antique computer as well...
    very pretty. i am sure the case will be used well inside your cabat...
    congrats again!! :woohoo:
  6. lol, uclaboi, you've been bitten by the "birds", and i've been bitten by the "snakes", i.e. karung.

    jokes aside, your latest babies are such cuties. love the light, refreshing, even minty shades.
  7. :nuts::nuts::nuts: Whew!!!! Awsome!!!!
  8. uclaboi you are hurting me now. i have been longing for a birdie myself too but must exhabit self control :sweatdrop: isn't Pergamena such a pretty shade of eggshell white? and how big is that travel case? it's so adorable! :love:
  9. wow! can they start biting me too? :p

    they're just too lovely for words! :love:
  10. uclaboi, congrats, really wonderful buys! I'd just be worried I'd get the lining of the cosmetics bag dirty but I guess that's why it's lined in a dark colour.
  11. that travel case is going to look great in your cabat. enjoy your new pieces.
  12. Gorgeous pieces! Ostrich was my first exotic love. :love:
  13. What great pieces and oh so tempting! :heart: Ostrich is just beautiful. :love::girlsigh: I had drag myself away from the gorgeous ostrich and croc accessories on sale. Enjoy your fabulous additions to your amazing collection! :yahoo:
  14. oh wow, the wallet is really beautiful! congrats! ...tell me they're not on sale!!! ....soo....tempted!!
  15. Love the ostriches! Is there an ostrich cabat in your future :graucho: