I have been BANNED from collecting LV!

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  1. The DH opened my credit card bill and saw how much I have been spending on LV purses. :Push:

    Though he generally pays for the mortgage and other household-related bills, I work, make my own money, and pay for groceries, water, etc. Granted, what I pay is a lot less, and he is generous, but I can't help but feel violated that he opened my mail. At any rate, the end result of that conversation was that I vowed to not amass a large collection of bags (or clothes) that I wouldn't use, and now I have to sell some of my LV. He also said that he is cancelling my birthday trip to LV :crybaby:Fine. I'll just wait until the damier azur noe comes out and buy myself a belated birthday gift.

    I'm keeping the one bag that he hates, the baggy pm :graucho: I know that I will use that frequently.
  2. azur noe ::drool::

    sorry bout your mail being molested.
  3. OH NO!!! I am so sorry I will cry with you:smile:
  4. Eeek. So sorry. Perhaps having an affair with Louis can be arranged? :graucho:
  5. Oh! I am sorry! My mom hates it when my dad opens her bill! She told him not to do it ever again, and he didn't! He stopped! Well hopefully you don't owe that much! Well good luck selling those things! We can all help you here!
  6. In our secret rendezvous place--the closet, underneath a fort of shoeboxes? Yes!!!!!!
  7. LOL!!!
    aww. it's terrible that your mail got peeked at.. *sigh* some men just don't understand.. heh heh.. don't worry.. maybe in a few months he'll *forget* about this ban... lol :graucho:
  8. Well..I really don't think this'll stop you ...but sorry about the letter intruder...
  9. Or visit him at his store. :graucho:

    ha ha ha.
  10. LOL unfortunately mu DH knows my BAGS so he would recognize a sneak in

    Good ideas though.
  11. Yeah, I'll probably have to wait a few months for this to blow over. Funny, he didn't freak out when I spent a couple of thousand on bamboo flooring, but handbags just aren't on the same level, I guess.
  12. Hunting stuff is ok too lol Men and their toys lol

    My DH said aren't these just bags? lol little does he know!
  13. Sorry to hear about that....my DH is the same way. Thats why I got my own credit card, he doesnt open my bills BUT he has an idea of what Im spending since he sees my bags. I also get lectures, and told I cant buy anymore:crybaby: BUT normally just let it blow over for a while and Im back feeding my addiction :devil:
  14. aww...I'm so sorry!!
  15. I'm so sorry! My husband and I do the whole "joint everything" so we share all our credit cards and checking accounts but the great thing is that my husband never sees any of the bills! He leaves that all to me..come to think of it, i dont even think he knows how much money he makes... hmmm...

    I think your DH will get over it..then like u said, it's back to feeding your addiction!
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