I Have Been A Very, Very Bad Girl

Hello fellow Chanel ladies! This is my first post, but have been a long time reader and admirer of TPF and your amazing Chanel collections. Blame it on my Iphone for my amazing acquisition!

Chanel has an application that you can add to your Iphone, and it lets you view past fashion shows, accessory collection, and so much more. I sort of have an addictive personality, so while playing with my brilliant Iphone, I came across pure perfection that stopped me in my tracks, the Chanel black patent leather, Doctor Bag from the 07-08 London - Paris collection.

I live in Southern California and called the Chanel store in Beverly Hills numerous times, no answer. Why don't they ever answer, perhaps another thread. I called the Chanel "concept" store on Robertson, and what a difference! I inquired about the bag, and the amazing SA told me she had located one in black (yeah, yeah!), and it would be in today (Friday).

I took proud ownership of the bag early this afternoon, and I'm absolutely in love. Its classic, I do feel a little guilty though, I bought my first Chanel bag as a Xmas present to myself last year, large quilted flap bag, its the one Lauren Conrad always carries, can't remember the name. I feel like I have reached a certain age in life, errr, 35, and work hard, and can afford the occasional indulgences, but I can't shake this feeling I'm being selfish, I guess I need to just "get over it," as I think its Jimmy Buffett sings.

This is my third Chanel, when I was 24, a very good friend of mine worked at Chanel headquarters and she got me a gorgeous bag, that sadly I was too young to appreciate, and it needs desperately to be restored, perhaps I will tackle that next.
I look forward to communicating and e
xchanging Chanel info!
I tried posting pics, but even after cropping, says its still to big to post! Anybody help with this?



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Jun 25, 2008
Oh I can't wait to see your pics!!!! I love the "doctor bag"! Congrats!
Btw: I'm computer illiterate so I can't help w/ resizing photos. Sorry.


Feb 25, 2007
Awww...congrats! It's a very pretty bag. I like it. It reminds me very much of the Marc Jacobs Stam which I'm also a fan of (although it"s much much cheaper! LOL). Wear her well.


Sep 3, 2008
Oh, she's sexy! I agree on the Marc Jacobs Stam similarity (those bags are delish, as well!). Congrats on the beautiful bag. I would name her Starlight or something like that, lol. I have other names but they're too special to me, so I gotta keep it a secret. :amuse: Enjoy her well.
Jan 20, 2008
Another vote for "Black Beauty" Congrats on her! She is spectacular! Thanks for sharing. As a former Marc Jacobs fan you have got my interest up! Enjoy!