I have been a bad girl!!!!

  1. :sOh dear....

    I 'popped' along to Bicester (in the name of reserach to see how long it would take in May - 2hrs 10 mins if anyone is interested) and oh dear I just happened to purchase ............... *melodramatic drum roll* ...............


    As my dad has only just bought me a red Bayswater for Christmas I am feeling extremely guilty and am wondering if I did the right thing!

    Anyone care to offer support for OSD (Overspending Stress Disorder)?

  2. Well you had to have it did'nt you? would have been completely rude not to in my opinion.And if you class it as an xmas prezzie to youself and you have been a good girl and done your xmas shopping early and avoided the annoying crowds!! Clever girl!!!!

    I usually try and get myself an xmas prezzie every year so I know there will be something I like,open it last and that way I don't show how disapointed I am with lavender scented coat hangers cos I know whats coming!!!:tup:

    And I'm really not kidding about the coat hangers!!! And all Andys family were there and we were taking it in turns to unwrap gifts....................................................................................:push:
  3. Well done , I can`t go in a shop either without buying something !!!

    Would love to see some pictures as i`m not sure what your bag looks like ,
    but as its Mulberry i`m sure its fab :tup:
  4. Well 2 hrs 10 mins is a looooong drive and obviously too long a drive to get to Bicester too often therefore you had to bag the deal when it was presented - all in the name of research prior to the May Mulberries Madness
  5. After a 2 hour drive you definitely had to buy something:tup:
  6. Oh thank you ladies, you have eased my guilt a little lol.

    I also 'forgot' to mention that my mum bought her first Mulberry, a gorgeous Roseberry which she will carry as her wedding day bag as she is having a very informal wedding(then she has said I can have it - yay!).

    My dad is yet to find out about these purchases and as he is in his 70s maybe mum and I should wait a while:smile:.


    I will try to post a pic soon
  7. Yay Snork - good buy! You couldn't possibly be expected to travel all that way and come back empty handed. It's a Mulberry double for you this Christmas.
    I've got the Alana in black. Mine was £297 so hope you got a bargain too. It's a great bag - I have been neglecting it a bit since I got my olive Phoebe but think it's time to give Alana a spin again tomorrow.
  8. Snork - forgot to ask, did you see any red Mabels? If so, how much????
    Not that I'm planning on breaking my bag ban!!!

  9. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?????

    I'll look in cheshire oaks as soon as it opens,and if there is one there,I will get it for you and we can sort finances later,whats your top line price for one? I could'nt let you miss a fabulous deal could I???xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. Hey, don't feel guilty coz I'm worse!!! I've bought all of my 5 Mulberries within 2 months!! Thanks to tpf that helped me learn a lot about Mulberry. I'm now a converted fan.
  11. Hi slip - Did you ever buy one off eBay ?

  12. Chaz, you are a sweetie. I'm going to have a pre-Xmas trip to Shepton (purely in the name of research, no buying!) to see how much Mabel is going for at the moment. My plan is wait until May as it's likely the price will come down the longer the bag is out. It is a bit too high profile at the mo for any great bargain price!
  13. Ok,but will check out prices for you if I see one,and it will be a good gauge of how much more they are likely to go down xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    What do I do if I spot one at a ridiculously low price tho?? Do you want me to get them to hold it and then pass you the fone number and sa details?? xxxx
  14. Yeah, I sure did! One Emmy and one Alana. I've got the Alana and am waiting for my Emmy. Both sellers' items have been authenticated before I hit the BIN buttons.