I have bags I love ... but have never used.

  1. Am I the only one?
    I've been looking through my bags and have ones that I bought years ago ... some still have the price tags on them, others not ... but have never used.
    Some I have tried to use, but I don't like how my stuff fits into them ... or I don't like how they feel when I am carrying them.
    Some I used to use a lot, but now my stuff doesn't fit anymore ...
    ... But I still love looking at them.
    Then I think, with limited storage space, maybe I should weed out the ones I haven't used in the last 5 years ...
    ... But I don't know if I can do that.:crybaby:
  2. That's why you have to eBay and get new one that you will love!!!
  3. LOL i am the exact opposite of this...once i get something new, i HAVE to use it ASAP. sometimes ill only use it once, but there is nothing in my closet with the tags still on
  4. I thought about eBay ... but I wonder about putting a value on the bag ... not necessarily the original price I paid, but the sentimental aspect of circumstances when I saw the bag and bought it.
    And some of the bags I take out and STILL think, "This is a really nice bag!"
    *sigh* I must just be odd.
  5. Well then, I am odd too. I have several bags I love to pull out and look at but have never used, including a Shih (Stephanie Lin) and a lovely suede Cole Haan, both purchased at great prices with the tags still on them.

    I almost always keep new things for at least a few weeks before using them. That applies to clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry...
  6. I'm actually in the midst of a purge right now! I have a few bags that I loved, but just haven't used in months. One bag went up last night, one will probably go up tonight. I have a couple more that i'm not quite sure of.

    Do an eBay search to see if the same or similar bags to yours are listed or have recently sold. That should give you a good idea. Another option would be to sell through a consignment shop.

    But i'm all for saying good bye to bags you don't love or don't use.
  7. *whew!* I'm glad I'm not the only one ... I do the keeping new things for a while, too ... sometimes just to make sure I want to keep it.

    but in response to kcd1695 ... I think that's a big part of the problem.
    From time to time I have gotten rid of some bags that I don't love anymore, but there are still ones that I DO still love ... but just don't use. :p
  8. I am the same way!! I have bags that I don't use but I just like having them!! LOL. Can't bring myself to get rid of them- I don't know why this is..
  9. I hear you! That's what I'm going through right now. Bags that I love, but don't use. I have a self imposed six month cut off (unless the bag is seasonal). If i haven't used it in six months, it's time to let it go!

    There are a few bags that I love, so I use them maybe once a month or every couple of months so they don't hit the deadline:smile:
  10. Ebay!!
  11. I was also going to say ebay. Unless its very sentimental I don't think you would really miss it.
  12. I usually love them at first, so I take the tags off and use them once or twice, then I realize I don't love them so much after all. I have two Coach bags in my closet that I've used ONE time, but I hate ebay. I'm just intimidated by it-- I don't even have an account. I keep saying I'm going to open an account and sell some stuff, but I never have :sad:
  13. I'm like this with my Coach bags (I have 4). I love them, love to look at them, and the few times I've used them they've worked out great, but when it comes to carrying a bag I always choose my LV or Balenciaga bags over my Coach.

    I've never sold anything on ebay before, and I really don't want to, so I'll just keep them with the hopes I'll use them again one day.
  14. Ebay whatever you dont use! I should actually practice what I preech... I have a few coaches in my closet as well that I've retired for newer ones. Hard to ebay them b/c my bf gave them to me. I'm quick to ebay everything else! Puttin a tiffany's necklace up tonight :happydance:
  15. Im the same way. I definitely have quite a few I never use. I buy them and then dont want to ruin them so they just sit in my closet until I take them out to look at. Im afraid to sell them on ebay though because of the horror stories some people post about in the ebay subforum