I Have Bag Depression....

  1. I am in a bag funk! I am currently rearranging my closet and seeing all these bags that I never use.....but I like have so many pretty bags staring back at me. It's like I buy, just to buy!
    I lust over a bag...obsess over it...and then bleh...bored of it.
    Right now I am in such a funk I thought about selling everything and starting over!
    I don't know if the funk is because I LOVE prior lines (like graffiti, eye, etc.) and so I'm trying to play catch up while at the same time buying newer LE stuff.
    Then another bag brand catches my eye...and I think 'well it's gorgeous and I'll use it everyday...but that's one less LV bag'

    Good god...what is wrong with me!

    Does anyone else feel the same way? Don't you love see all the pretty bags in your closet? I'm one of those people who likes to have 'alot' of stuff....I could never be content with just ONE of anything! UGH! Kill me now!

    For example...I seriously contemplated selling my cerises speedy. Man I lusted after that bag for so long...I had to have it! I LOVE staring at it....but now it hasn't been worn at all this season....and I think I'm just keeping it to 'collect'.

    It's a sickness...this whole LV thing!

    And I am amazed at women I see constantly cycling through bags...selling them after a month of use....maybe that is smarter? You have some staples...and then you keep trying things until you find the 'perfect' bag?
  2. Twiggers, Relax. If you have a lot of bags because you collect them--nothing is wrong with that. If you have a lot of bags because you rotate them out every week--nothing is wrong with that. Now if you have a lot of bags and can't pay your mortgage or rent or feed yourself or family--then something is wrong with that. Don't be so hard on yourself.
  3. ^^^nah no problem feeding myself (or my 300 lb hubby LOLOL...no food shortages in this house LMAO)!

    I just feel blah....it's not about the money at all (I'm not feeling I wasted money)....but more about this major dissatisfaction with my collection...my bag wearing, etc.

    Some bags...i.e. cerises, roxbury, epi speedy, etc. only get taken out MAYBE one day every 6 months! If someone broke into my house and stole a bunch of bags...I'd probably never notice! That's bad...isn't it? LOL
  4. I try to rotate as much as possible but I have to admit, I do have favorites..and some of my bags haven't seen the light of day for a while :shame:
  5. ^I totally agree with DesigningStyle !
    But if you get bored with a bag and feel your not going to use it really at all then sell it and get one your truely love and know you will use!
    Even if that means buying them using them and then selling them again,
    Don't get yourself down!
    your bags are there to make you smile not to make you sad!
  6. I feel the same way sometimes, but twiggers, dont worry! there is nothing wrong with collecting things just because they are pretty, even if they are meant to be used! i have never actually used my cles, except for a bag charm, and some of my bags get taken out once a year. i still keep them because they have great memories, and i can't stand to part with them.
  7. Aw Twiggers .. I can relate. Before I came over to the brown side I was a coach girl. I'd buy a new bag every 2 or 3 months. I NEVER went back to an old bag so then started selling them whenever I got a new one. Worked out great - not a bunch of bags sitting around - I think I bought a new one every few months just cause .. you're right the "hunt" is more fun in many ways. Since buying LV I've just bought more bags and haven't sold any. I've still never carried my Mono Riveting bag more then 2 or 3 times and doubt I ever will. Same for my Panda Pochette - NEVER carried it, and probably never will. The rational part of me says sell them buy something I'll use - but then I think no way I'll regret it later. I'm having a hard time getting into the "collecting" LV mindset .. I'd rather buy a bag to enjoy/carry then just to chalk off a checklist however find myself wanting to collect pretty ones (with no worries of being practical).

    If you find the magic answer to this debate please do let me know!!!!

    I'm curious how many gals here sell bags when getting new that they're no longer going to carry vs. how many collect bags because of LE status etc. with no intentions or carrying.
  8. ^^^Great points! I know...I just PMed someone who I know buys & sells constantly...an evolving closet (or revolving)!
    And I just don't know how to do it!
    For example, my Pomme roxbury....soooooo pretty...get so many compliments on it...but yet...it only comes out once in a blue moon!
    My Epi speedy...loved when I bought...but hardly use it because I get annoyed at how tight the opening is...and yet I have 3 more of them on my wishlist LOL

    I've been having more fun buying accessories lately!
  9. Twiggers, I think you may be onto something. Maybe it is time to sell some to those that will let those bags live the lives they were meant to live. A Roxbury only coming out once every 6 months...gasp! And, when I say sell them...not to "make money" but to set them free!
  10. I think you should start a seperate thread on just that topic ^^^ I am curious too.
  11. how about having a bag-of-the-week thing going? it might help you re-assess which ones you absolutely love and which ones that can be "set free". although collecting for the sake of collecting ain't bad either.
  12. ^^^^yea....I was trying to do that for awhile (I had a semi-depression a couple months ago)...and it fell apart LOL

    In order to list what I own...i would have to think for a really really long time....I know that's a sign of sickness LOL

    What I am going to do over the next couple weeks (as I reorganize the closet) is take individual pictures of each bag again and modeling pics (mostly for insurance purposes)....and maybe that will help me! Maybe it'll rekindle some lost love IDK!

    I just haven't found the *perfect* bag yet......Stephen comes pretty close, but it has its flaws (GASP LOL)!

    Maybe I just need a new bag and I'll forget all about it! Maybe this is what happens when Twiggers goes without a new bag for 30 days HEEHEE
  13. That's some good advice that i need to take myself. I just bought an azur speedy and after 3 days i fell out of love with it. I can definetely relate with twiggers.
  14. I been there before and i felt like it was taking over my life. Some people buy to collect so thats okay and some people buy what they will use. I decided that my home is just not big enough for me to line up bags that are LE that I just stare at :smile:
  15. So where are the gals who recycle?? constantly buying & selling? How do you do it? Why d you do it? I need some help LOL