I have bad luck with the iron color

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  1. After 3 rounds with the Dylan iron shoulder bag, I finally got one that was great in color. Problem was, I decided I wanted the dylan tote. :rolleyes: I ordered the tote yesterday and go it today. It was awful. :sad:

    The tote itself I really liked. The shape/size was great. The iron leather was not. The back was much darker than the front (looked better than the front actually). The front was not only much much lighter, it had streaks and a big gouge out of the leather. Obviously I am returning. I'm just not sure I should order another one. Maybe some day if I see it for a big discount or something. Darn it.
  2. That is such a bummer!!
  3. #3 Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2010
    Geez! A friend of mine spotted them in a store and she said the color varied between them, sometimes with mismatched panels (one side brighter gray than the other).

    I got an iron tote from Luna Boston that I just returned, the shading on this one was perfect, I just decided that the gray was not for me.

    Who are you ordering from?

  4. I had ordered the tote from Endless. When I ordered the shoulder bags, it was from LP.