I have another CLES in my possession!!

  1. Haha, no...it's not for me though.

    My friend from Toronto got me a crazy gift for Christmas (Dior bow earrings) so I felt that the shirt I got him was't sufficient to match his gift's value (not that it really mattered to him)...seeing that he was the person who dragged me into loving LV, I got him a little piece of LV for him in return.

    Yeah, it's a little late to arrive and it probably won't reach him until mid January (he's in Toronto right now) but hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

    I loveee this...the colour is so nice IRL, and I think this is the first mini monogram piece I've ever touched or seen IRL so...yeah. Maybe I will go get myself a Mini Lin cles or something later on.

    I wish I could've gotten him the blue TST, but this is all that was available. Oh well, still suitable for a man, I think!

  2. I think it's a cute present!
  3. what a great gift!!! so cute!
  4. that's thoughtful of both of you to exchange NICE presents! congrats
  5. Very nice :smile: congrat's

  6. great choice!
  7. Lovely.
  8. I LOVE the Khaki:love:.
  9. That looks perfect for a guy, great pressie :biggrin:
  10. Really cute! Hope he like it.
  11. i'm sure he'll love it!

    this colour and pattern is so beautiful, can't help but keep looking at it! ... why can't they have one at my local boutique :sad:
    how much did u buy it for? do they have any more left?
  12. Thats so cute to give him as a gift. I'm sure he'll :heart: it.
  13. I bought it on eBay 100% new from lvlady99...
    I think I only saved around $20 off retail (luckily I wasn't charged customs), it came to around $170 CAD.
    I doubt my store has any of these left.
  14. sooo cute..want one (cles) for myself :smile:
  15. That's great for a guy!!