I have an orange box coming on Sunday!

  1. So DH continues to woo me with orange boxes. ;) (We've been working on everything and we're doing much better.) He's on a business trip and went straight to check out Hermes for me and picked up a lil something. All I know is it's in "shades of pink" and they just got it in. :shrugs: Twilly? Pocket square? :sweatdrop: I'll post pics on Sunday. Is it really only Wednesday??? This is gonna be a long week.

    So while I'm waiting I have a question for my experts...
    Do you think a Jige PM could be a workable bag for day for someone who doesn't carry much? I am obsessed with clutches at the moment and need a bag I can carry this fall/winter that can get rained on and none of my bags at the moment fit the bill. Or do I go with the Damier Speedy and a Dogon wallet? (more practical?) :shrugs: The rainy weather here today has me dreaming of fall...

    Is it Sunday yet? ;)
  2. i'm glad to hear things are working out! i see clutches as more evening or going out than day bags. i personally (and i know it's one of the myriad reasons why i don't belong here) think a damier speedy is great for rain and the dogon wallet would be fantastic in it.

    can't wait til sunday to see your new goody!
  3. Oh H! I am so happy to hear that you two are trying to make it work! And so glad that he realizes he should be spoiling you rotten with orange boxes! You deserve nothing less, and a whole lot more! I cannot wait to see what it is!!! I am so excited for you!!!!!!
  4. I'm very happy to hear too that you are doing much better !!!!! very excited about sunday !!! what will it be ?
    I think you need a rain resistance bag;)
  5. I like to use my Evelyn for the bad weather days.I love clutch bags.I sometimes will carry one for quick errands/weather conditions.I think one would be perfect for you.:tup:
  6. CB...

    Glad to hear thinhs are getting better!

    As far as the Jige. It defintiely works as a bag that you can carry daily, if you don't carry much. In mine I can fit a french purse, some lipstick, compact brush and powder as well as my keys and cell phone.

    It takes a bit of practice getting used to a clutch however, You have to carry it under your arm or in your hand.The good thing about it though is that if your arms are really full, you can just toss it in with your shopping bag!
  7. CB, whoa, I must have missed a lot, but I'm glad to hear that DH has come to his senses.

    I cannot believe I'm about to say this, but I vote for the Speedy and Dogon. The great thing about the Damier is the dark trim so you don't need to worry about the leather piece not tanning evenly with water spots.
  8. a shoulder bag is much better in the rain when trying to balance an umbrella btw...
  9. WONDERFUL, CB!!!! I'm glad things are going along much better!!!!

    I honestly think that though the Jige can answer the call of a small-ish bag for your things, it might be a bit problematic. To carry a Jige around all day long as your daily-bag is a little cumbersome......you can only hand hold it or stick it under your arm! What about when you're carrying groceries or books or anything else for that matter that you need two hands for? I think the Jige is a lovely bag....please don't get me wrong. I just don't think its a good DAILY bag. Fantastic for luncheons or casual evenings out.....
  10. I´m happy your relationship is working out, it´s really important. How exciting about the orange box!!
  11. Thank you all so much. I feel hopeful...and it feels really good to be hopeful. :tup: I can't thank you all enough for being by my side through all the tough times. :heart:
    :yahoo:I can't wait for Sunday either!
    I am really enjoying all your thoughts on the clutch...
    I'm also thinking of a Massai but would have to wait longer...:hrmm:
    hmmm but I *know* I want a Jige at some point...
    ugh I better get to work! Keep the suggestions coming! :heart:
  12. I am definitely excited here and feeling great for you!
  13. I had no idea you were having problems (missed the thread??) but I am so happy to hear things are getting better! It's so important that you both want to try. And a little orange box is the perfect icing on the cake! I too think the clutch won't work as an everyday bag. What about a small Kelly, so you can use the shoulder starp if you need to? Or the Damier Speedy.
  14. Such good news that you and DH are working things out CB. Congratulations!!
  15. I can't offer any clutch advice, but I am so glad to hear that things are better, CB! You so deserve it!