I have an O/S Chocolate Brown Muse on it's way...

  1. ....from let-trade.com: http://www.let-trade.com/showitem-5a.php?in=YSLAZP&in2=+699.99&in3=Auth%20YSL%20Muse%20Oversized%20Dark%20Brown%20Shoulder%20Bag

    Just a little "stress" vent....

    I've been trying to learn everything I can over the last three days about O/S Muses. While I have some reservations about ordering something not from the YSL boutique directly or through an authorized retail store (NM's, Saks, etc.), I am really hoping that everything turns out okay and I didn't make a rash or foolish decision. I've also never ordered anything overseas, so I hope it arrives safely.

    I know that I could have purchased one at retail, but my FI would KILL me since we are planning our wedding right now. I've been on a major bag ban, but decided to use some of my Christmas bonus towards a little something for myself.

    I hope that you guys can help me authenticate it when I receive it. I've heard tons of great things from LV members about let-trade, and have been trying to glean whether people have had good experiences with non-LV items from them.

    Okay...I just needed to get that out of my system because I'm a little nervous. :sweatdrop:
  2. u finally go for chocolate brown!!!!
    congrats!!! u will love o/s muse i am sure!!!!
  3. Congrats, have no worries, this looks authentic and I've heard that Let Trade is a very reputable seller. Enjoy your new bag!
  4. Congrats SuLi. I hope it all works out for you. I'm not familiar with let-trade, but from the pics, the bag appears authentic. The corners of the bag and the bottom are in great shape; no visible scratches or fading. The bag is a little more wrinkly than I'm accustomed to seeing (this probably happened in storage). And it appears a bit darker (this could just be the lighting). I've attached a pic of my Oversize Chocolate Muse that was taken after it was about a year old, for comparison purposes. Good luck! :yes:
  5. Thanks for the reassurances...

    I will make sure to take detailed pictures of the Muse when I get it. I don't know what I would do without you guys!
  6. Congrats SuLi!!! :woohoo:

    I'm happy that you went with the LTrade bag because as Cosmo mentioned, it seems to be in great shape! They must have overstuffed it too much, which is why it may look wrinkly.
  7. Congratulations on your new purchase! I've never personally heard of a problem with let-trade, so I'm optimistic that you'll be receiving an authentic bag. And you know everyone here will be able to help reassure you once you receive it, assuming there aren't any problems with it.

    Chocolate was a great choice, too, what a great splurge for yourself with your bonus!
  8. I saw that bag a few weeks ago on the site. I'm glad you can give it a new home !!!! Congrats, you will love the Muse !!