I have an extra set of scarf knotting cards ... and its up for grabs!

  1. Hi everyone,

    In a recent thread i read a lot of the tPFer's are having a bit of difficulty getting the new set of scarf knotting cards. I have an extra set and its up for grabs.
    I will have my DH pick a random number to determine which reply # in this thread gets it. The raffle will end by 9pm tomorrow my time. I will send the H knotting cards via international swiss post.

    Vlad- thank you for the raffle idea:tup:
  2. What are the odds that he'll pick the first reply? LMAO!!!! The only time I ever won anything was a measuring cup at the local fair when I was 16! LOL!!!!! Anyway, toss me into the mix 'cause these cards are just lovely!

  3. i am embarassed to ask but what are these cards?
  4. that's a cute idea... do you have a set of numbers we can choose from (I mean how many digits?)
  5. I would love a set :heart:
  6. Don't have to choose a number its determined by your post... Your #4

    Good luck ;)
  7. I hope DH picks lucky 7! Love to have them!
  8. I love raffles.... count me in.
  9. wooohoo! i'm in. what a neat idea.
  10. Great fun! Me too please (but I'll cover the shipping to the UK!)

    Very generous of you!
  11. Put me in the running, too!
  12. Please enter me in the raffle!!
  13. I want to play, too! Sounds like fun!
  14. That's so sweet of you :flowers:
    Count me in, too!
  15. What a cute idea!

    I'm LOLing about the total feeding frenzy I'm sure this is going to cause, too. Everyone wants those cards!! Including me--so, count me in please!