I have an ebay question...?

  1. Hi ladies,
    I have an ebay question...I purchased a Bottega Venetta item a few days ago that I wasnt sure about..I thenlearnt that it was most likely a fake, I decided that I would email the seller and try to pull out of the sale on the basis that they advertised it as 100% auth. and it isnt.

    I received no response and decided that if push came to shove I didnt want to ruin my 100% reputation on 500+ transactions so I would just pay my money and chalk it up to a silly mistake on my part.

    I have just gone into my ebay account to pay for the item and I see that since this morning the seller is no longer a registered ebay user..

    so does that mean that ebay has nailed the scammer...? do I still have to pay or should I just hold off and wait it out..??

    any advice would be appreciated.

  2. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS!!! Who cares about your 500+ positive feedback. Would you rather have 100% perfect feedback or buy a handbag that was probably made by poor, overworked, under paid children in sweatshops in China?
  3. Hi

    Fortunatly you haven't paid yet, it would have been difficult to get your money back.

    Now the seller is no longer registered automaticly the deal is off, you don't have to pay anymore and the seller can't give you feedback
  4. Don't pay!!!!!!!!!
  5. When a seller is NARU'd, you are no longer obligated to pay them, no matter what emails they send. You're even not obligated if they get reinstated.
  6. Yep, what Allison said!
  7. Do Not pay for this at all.