I have an East West flap in black caviar on hold until tomorrow--

  1. with silver hardware and the old chain. The SA also said it has a little flap on the outside. The only black Chanel I have is a baby cabas, so this seems like a good addition. But, I am generally a big bag girl. Any others out there who also enjoy the smaller one?
  2. I have a jumbo flap, but would love an east/west for going out at night. The jumbo is a bit big for that purpose imo...
  3. I own this bag with the new chain (no pocket on the back though). Grab it!!! You will love it. Get it before the price increases, i don't think you will be sorry. It actually fits more than you would think. I can fit my LV check book, pen, agenda, keys, small wallet and lipstick....in otherwords, all of my essentials. I particularly like this bag because when I open it, everything fits neatly and I dont have to dig for anything. I think you will love it. Transitions great from a day bag to an evening bag.
  4. Hi Leem,

    I have an E/W in caviar, and really love it. I'm also a fan of big bags (have several), but I found that the E/W is a really good size, and it's super convenient if you happen to want to mix it up and carry a smaller bag on a certain day. Also, it's not really too small. Here is a pic of me carrying it for size reference purposes:
  5. I am also a big bag girl, but I have the e/w in red lambskin for evenings, or even during the day when you just want something smaller. I love it.
  6. i love this bag. get it!
  7. i just bought this om friday so I'm excited to use it. I'm a big bag user for work also so this is good for shopping, etc
  8. i just bought an east/west yesterday in beige. i must say, I.LOVE.THE.SIZE. i tend to use larger bags monday thru friday, however, today it was the perfect size to go out and have dinner with my dh.
  9. Really? I was just debating on whether I should hunt around for a beige. Is your hardware gold or silver??
  10. gold. i :heart: it!

    i really wanted to post nice pics of the beautiful bow & the chanel box....but as soon as i got in my car i tore through it like a kid on christmas morning. needless to say by the time i pulled into my garage i was already sporting it.:nuts:

    now i want the bordeux...so my little head is skeeming up a plan so my dh does not put me on a purse ban.

    that will not be good.:nogood::p
  11. spiralsnowman- :drool: gorgeous bag! after i get my lil hands on the bordeux flap, grey will be next...then i'll be happy...at least for a little while.:graucho:
  12. i love big bags but the e/w is just so pretty. i dont own one yet but i do have a mini flap. i hope i'll get my hands on one soon! post pics when you get yours~