I have an azur pochette accessories on hold...

  1. but I can't make up my mind!!!

    Do you think that the Azur would be OK to use as a makeup bag (just compact, gloss, gum) and an occasional clutch??

    Help!!:nuts: :p
  2. I'd be careful with the compact....with a light interior it could get messed up (maybe put it in a little ziplock bag?
  3. Yes, it would be perfect for both! :smile:
  4. I just got the azur pochette last week. I also had it on hold and was contemplating letting it go (I'm trying to save $$ for a bigger bag). But once I saw it IRL I was hooked. I love it! It's definitely good as a make-up bag, and as a clutch for the summer/spring. Definitely get it!!
  5. its so cute - I'm sure you will get alot of usage out of it!
  6. Get it! It's a great light s/s makeup bag. Makes you feel good taking it out of your bag plus doubles as a clutch.
  7. Oh it's gorgeous, I just got mine today but I wouldn't use as a make up bag would be too afraid of getting it stained, lipstick or something, nightmare!
  8. Thanks so much everyone!!

    BagAngel, I am kinda nervous too...but after inspecting my current makeup bag and past makeup bags, I noticed that they are still extremely clean on the inside.

    I figure that if I trust it enough to put in my Denim Flat Pouch, it'll be OK in the Azur Pouchette! :smile:

    PS--does anyone have a pic of a pochette accessories with the strap off, being used as a clutch? TIA!
  9. UGH or should I get the White MC Pouchette GM????

    Which one would look cuter as a clutch?
  10. I would go with the azur because it is really cute and i think it would be more useful.
  11. I think it would look cute as a makeup bag!
  12. i think you should get it, it looks great as a make up bag or as a evening bag!
  13. get it!
  14. LOL You are such enablers!!! :smile:
  15. GET IT!!! It sold out in my store (on Michigan Ave, Chicago). I totally missed it again. :crybaby: