I have an awesome husband

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  1. My husband took me to the Mall 2 days ago to go shopping with his mother and he took me to the LV store to look around. He asked me which bag I liked the best? I looked around for awhile and decided on the Damier Neverfull MM because I love that red lining!!! I thought he was getting ideas for our Anniversary in February. Well then he told the SA to wrap it up! I was so surprised.... He told me he was buying it because the next day I was having surgery and he wanted me to have something special to look at to ease the pain. What an awesome guy, he really made my day!
  2. Now that is all right!!
  3. That's really nice of him, hope you recover fast!!!!
  4. What a great hubby! Congrats!
  5. Thats amazing!!! What a wonderful hubby!
  6. What a lovely hubby, all the very best and recover quickly!
  7. thats so nice!
  8. How sweet!
  9. That is so sweet. I hope your recovery is speedy...hint, hint:lol::lol:
  10. that's so sweet! hope it really make it less painful for you. :smile:
  11. lovely story! enjoy and recover quickly!
  12. Very sweet of him. Wishing you a speedy recovery
  13. So sweet, congrats!
  14. Your DH is definitely a keeper! Hope you recovery quickly and get well soon to enjoy your gorgeous Neverfull MM with the beautiful red lining!:hugs:
  15. I was in a similar situation last year and to make me feel better my husband purchased me a mono eva.

    It appears that your husband loves you alot!!! As I tell my husband all the time that he puts the "A" in Awesome. Tell your hubby that he does the same!!
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