I have an authentic new Louis Vuitton Trotteur

  1. Hi, My cousin gave me an authentic Louis Vuitton Trotteur direct from Paris. She is CEO for her company and travels worldwide. The bag is brand new, never used with tag (with number) and wrapping around strap and dust bag. What could I sell it for? Any help is appreciated.
  2. Congrats..

    Welcome to PF, do you have pictures to share with us??
  3. Wow, that's a great bag. If you want a price quote, you could try ebay...
  4. i think u should definitely keep it. presents are meant to be kept, not to be sold. somehow, i'll feel better if when i give pple things, they keep it, instead of selling it off. it makes me feel appreciated.
  5. What a cute bag and sweet gift! I'd keep it!
  6. Wouldn't she be offended that you sold her gift?
  7. I'd keep the bag! it's cute!
  8. I love that bag! You should keep it; if the bag isn't your style, you could always just use it when you are around your cousin.
  9. Keep it!!!
  10. Keep it! What a wonderful gift!
  11. keep it!! i would never sell my louis vuitton!!