I have an announcement to make...

  1. I started my new job today... and I have an office :rochard: :happydance: My first ever office to call my own :shame: I moved the furniture around, set it up how I wanted, hung some posters on the walls, etc.

    It's silly, I know. But I just had to share! :amuse:
  2. CONGRATS! Enjoy decorating it and making it your own!WOOHOO! You earned it!
  3. How exciting!! Congrats!!!
  4. That sounds awesome!!!!!!! Big time congrats for you girl!!!!!! :yahoo:
  5. Ooo! Congratulations, Cristina!!
  6. Yep, I've already started planning the decorations LOL. Kitten calendar on one wall, some band posters on another, some environmental stuff (I work for the EPA) around there somewhere. I wish I could paint - I'm thinking a soft beige? Just kidding :P
  7. yea! congrats! just make sure the computer screen is not facing the door so you can be on the blog!
  8. That is fantastic! Good for you....:flowers:
  9. Can you believe that's one of the first things I thought of? :shame: :roflmfao: I turned the monitor so that it faces inside. Heehee, guess where I'll be spending my lunch hour? :graucho: But the guy I work with said a few sites are blocked from IE, hopefully the PF won't become one of them :P
  10. oooh! I forgot about that. When I worked at Sonymusic, I found out that every site we visited was kept track of at corporate! better do some research....
  11. Yeah - I work for the state, so there is probably some monitoring going on there :noworry: But the PF is work-friendly, right?! :angel:
  12. Congratulations Cristina!!! I'm So Happy For You!!! ;)
  13. That is WONDERFUL news, Cristina!!! CONGRATS!!!:flowers: :drinkup:
  14. :yahoo: Congrats, Christina! :yahoo: It's well-deserved, I'm sure!!! :heart:
  15. Sounds so exciting I hope you :love: :heart: :love: your new job!

    :happydance: :yahoo: :flowers: