I have an amazing opportunity that just landed at my feet!

  1. My mom just called me today and told me that my great uncle, who is well off, is going to pay for a vacation for my family! All expenses paid, anywhere in the world that we want to go!!!!!
    I realize what an amazing opportunity this is, so please give me some ideas as to where we should go!
  2. For a family vacation, I would go to somewhere in Europe like Paris or London.
  3. Amazing, you are truly blessed!!! Depends what you like to do and if there are kids involved....do you want adventure? History? Relaxation? Exotic and far-off (Kenya?) or charming (Seville?) or cultural (Kyoto?) or active (Costa Rica?) This is where a good travel agent can be a great help.
  4. If you've never been - then ROME! (or even if you have...you can never get too much 'Rome.'
  5. ^^^ I LOVE Rome too. Going there again next year.
    Go to Europe, so much history, so much to see.
  6. How about a tour of Australia and New Zealand? I would love to go visit the land down under! Europe is fun, too.

    Keep us posted! :smile:
  7. Capetown, South Africa the most beautiful place in the WORLD.
  8. I think as a family one has to decide what they want from a vacation. To relax, shop, chill out on a beach and do nothing, see as many sights as possible. Travel to different cities/countires? Ages of the people and if their are little kids (who can be bored easily). Any health restrictions--(walking too long causes problems).
    I think a vacation can include somel of the above and also one needs to think if you are always going to do things as a group all the time or if people can go their seperate ways and do other things.
    Some people hate crowds on vacations and want to sit on a island with no distractions while others crave the city lights and all the shopping, nightlife things to do.
    I think a first step is going online or in to a travel agency and getting brochures on what might interest a few of you and then take it from there.
    It is hard to just say "we all want to go here", I am sure a vacation can mean different things to all people involved.
  9. Congrats! let us know where you decide to go. Europe is always a spectacular trip.
  10. OMG! You're so lucky! I travel alot, but the place I've been wanting to go to is AFRICA for a safari. I want to stay in one of those resorts, that have glass walls, so that when you wake up, you see giraffe and other exotic animals out of your window. It's just so expensive (about $6K for each person). I'd suggest you look into that since all your expenses will be paid by "uncle." Too bad though that my computer crashed a few weeks ago and I cleaned out a lot of the things I have saved in my computer. Otherwise, I'd so be giving you the link right now. I'm sure that if you google it, you'll find the place I'm talking about. BTW, there are several ones like that place, but a lot of them don't have the glass walls.

    Update us on where you'll end up going.
  11. AFRICA, AFRICA, AFRICA....Oceans, beaches, small mountains, safari's, culture, food and it's Spring right now! So if you go in the Winter it will be Summer!!!!!!!

    Capetown the jewel of Africa! Google it!

    Good luck!