i have an AMAZING delivery coming today!!!

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  1. i'll get it around 4:30 pm today. i CANNOT wait. it's more exciting then any of the bags i own and any i will acquire in the near future combined. i so want to tell everyone what it is, but i want it to be a surprise. i promise no teasing reveals when it comes. i'll just photograph it and post it. eeeeeeee! :nuts:

  2. :nuts: what is it tad? i can't wait to see the reveal!
  3. EEEEIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!! TEASE!!!!! Whatwhatisitwhatisit??????
  4. ooooh I wanna know!!!
  5. More exciting than all your bags combined?!?!? I can't wait to see!
  6. NO!!!! I won't be home. We need a hint????!!!!!!!!
  7. :nuts: What is it???
  8. HINT: it's not a bag.
  9. Car??
  10. .wow...the only thing I can think of is a baby!!!! (my little boy is my greatest delivery I have ever gotten!)
  11. haha! no. but a marc jacobs mobile would be nice. ;)
  12. ^^ LOL baglover - I was going to say the same thing!
  13. no, no babies. small kids still scare me. i'm always afraid of hurting them or making them cry. they're so fragile. although i'm sure when the time comes that will trump this for sure.
  14. Boots???
  15. They're actually not as fragile as they look. And as far as the crying, trust me, they're going to do it no matter what! Usually in the middle of the night :P