I have an almost 300 credit. What should I get?

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  1. I am open to all suggestions. I returned a 6 key holder so I have a credit. Store credit. I have debated a bandeau. I am not a fan of the cles.

    I was debating sunnies. Or anything in that 300 range. I am not looking to get a bag so I am thinking something small.

    What do you all suggest?

  2. Mini Pochette !
  3. I think I would go for a bandeau, you can either to wear it or use it to decorate a bag.

    Let us know what you decide :smile:
  4. I think a mini pochette would be nice . Belt ? Bag charm ? have fun shopping ! :smile:
  5. I'd do sunglasses or the mini pochette!
  6. Jewelry, charm, or mini pochette.
  7. mini pochette in Damier Ebene is a very beautiful and worry-free piece.
  8. Mini Pouchette?
  9. I love the empreinte belt but only know the price in Euro ;)
  10. +1

    There aren't too many options beyond these or a bandeau. A bracelet would be something nice and different.
  11. Add $200 and get a new pochette. They are a little larger and come with an actual shoulder strap! Totally worth the extra money, and it's not necessarily a bag
  12. Mini Pochette or round coin purse!
  13. You could get a few Agenda refills .... not much more! :lol:

  14. Lol. I thought he about an agenda as well. Or luggage tags?

    I have that exact one and love it. Maybe one in Azur?
  15. Sunglasses!!