I have an 2nd interview in a HR position...Please help!

  1. I have an 2nd interview tomorrow and have no clue what they will ask. The position is for an Human Resource Assistant so questions will be around that area.

    The 1st interview was 1.5 week ago, and consisted of a the panel of 3 asking me about my experience and knowledge in HR. They also explained the duties and what the company is about.

    What should I expect?
    What questions should I ask them?

  2. What area of HR will this be in? HR Management? HR Development? That'll help me help you better :smile:
  3. Hi Janos! I PM'ed you but I'll say it here also :smile:

    The Assistant position duties are essentially administrative work: HRIS updates, legal posting requirements, employment verifications, forms management, HR and management reports, and general administrative support.

    I really want to get into HR and just need to get my foot in the door to gain some experience so I think this job is perfect for what I want to get into. :yes: