I have a Whiskey and Choco. Should I get the Taupe?

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Should I get this Taupe Paddy

  1. Yes

  2. No

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Guys help.

    I have the whiskey and choco paddy. an ivory silverado.

    now there's a taupe paddy in my shopping cart. should i get it?
  2. Sure! :biggrin: If you love it and want to add to your collection.
  3. If you're in doubt,don't...get another,different bag instead.

    I don't really like the taupe colour much...but that's just me.

    If you'll love the bag and use all 3,then get it.

    I've voted No,though:amuse: .
  4. any one have coupon code of NAP?
  5. If you are having doubts then don't get it.
  6. No I'm Loving It. I Might Just Get Rid Of The Whiskey.
  7. No not the whiskey!
  8. Poor Whiskey can't even defend for herself, since she sick and all and trying to get better.:sick:
  9. If you love the paddy style, then I say go for it! I love it too and am looking for one in chocolate so if you wanna unload yours... hehe. Aw, what happened to your whiskey one? I have the whiskey and think it's the best colour for it! But then again, I'm biased, lol!
  10. taupe is a very unique color so i say yes.

    I don't really like the browns cause they look so common.
  11. If you love it, then go for it but return one of the others first.
  12. Oh oops, I just remembered:shame: , it had a pen mark. Did you send it back to have it removed? Hope it will be fixed, no problems:amuse: .

    So, have u decided on the taupe? The colour is really growing on me!
  13. if you really love it and can splurge, then.... sure why not.
  14. Yes, it is different enough to not compete with the others. As mentioned before, I have chocolate, tan and whiskey. I never wanted the chocolate until Saks called one day with a return bag at the old 05 fall price tag. I took it thinking I'd return it and now chocolate has become my favorite color in the Paddington and all bags chocolate. I think taupe would really complement it nicely and you might find it becomes your favorite too.
  15. I think you really need to see the taupe color (and jaune and whiskey and the new tan) IRL to know if you like it. If you purchase, make sure to do so from a retailer with a good return policy just in case...