I have a Vuitton itch I need to scratch, but can't!!!!

  1. Ohhhh my!! After my Beverly MM purchase on the 19th of July (I think that was my last one...since I paid for my inclusion GM before that) I've been holding back really bad because I want to save up money *points to counter* for Nimbus PM in September.
    I also want to save up some extra for Holts PSN on the 5th of September (I may get Popincourt Haut and amarante French purse that day...I only have one LV wallet, since I sent my accordeon for repair).

    But this feels SO WEIRD! I usually put my new LV on my credit card, and usually slowly pay it off before the bill is due. But my credit card...is at 69.95 right now. I paid off my Beverly MM last week and the only purchase on my card is the cost of shipping my Jasmin to the eBay buyer.

    I'm itching to buy something, I keep thinking about it but I hesitate because I want to save up all my money for September! When I brought my wallet in for repair, I was tempted to get the light pink capri muffler, or maybe the silver sweet monogram earrings. Then I bid on a monogram Sologne and had the chance to win but stopped bidding and took the auction off my auction sniper. Then, today I was playing around with my pink inclusion bracelets and wanted to buy the amarante inclusion bracelet.

    I know bans don't work in general, that's why I took myself off the ban, instead I'm just trying not to buy anything until next month...but I haven't had to do this for awhile and I think I may go crazy! :wacko: Must...save...!

    Anyone feel the same way?
  2. Heck yeah, Karman. I'm "saving myself" for the Nimbus PM in Sept. too, but want to buy a few things before then! I'm going to hold off though. I would enjoy your balance-free credit card and wait until Sept. if I were you. =)
  3. Even after September, I'm hoping to keep it balance free...I think I'm going to go into LV with a negative balance on my credit card! :nuts: I know credit's dangerous...so I'm trying to be more careful nowadays, one year after I got my credit card :sweatdrop:
  4. I get like that sometimes,but you have to think about the next purchase that your trying to save up for, this usually works for me.
  5. I definately feel you pain. I am trying not to buy anything until November which is soooo far away:sweatdrop:. Mainly because getting to an LV store is pretty much a major event for me ie plane flights, accomodation etc so I try to save for when I can finally get to a store.
    In November I hope to be going to the Sydney store so I don't want to mail order stuff before hand as then I will be broke when I go to the store.:push:
  6. Oh, believe me, I KNOW exactly how that feels, :yes: tell me all about it..! In fact, I had a similar thread like this just some time ago! Lol... :p

    Just focus on the nimbus! Get yourself occupied with other things. Oh, I'm not good at giving you advises, I'm looking for a solution myself. Lemme know if you found a better way to distract yourself, k? ;)
  7. LOL, stay strong. Maybe there is something fab that you are meant to get in September or later this fall that you will be able to get if you have that negative balance.

    Good luck.
  8. stay strong! You can do IT! LOL!

    I say wait for PSN night - that way, if you do decide to get the Popincourt Haut and Amarante french purse- you can use the $100GC you'll get towards the amarante inclusion bangle. :idea:

    and WOW---that's a lot of money you've saved in such a short amount of time. :woohoo:
  9. No, I think the $100 GC will go towards the Nimbus...unless Nimbus PM is available the night of PSN! Then I'll use the $200 GC towards the popincourt haut and the FP! LOL So complicated...I doubt the Calgary store will have the Nimbus for PSN.
  10. Be strong! It's so hard...I am not buying any more bags until November, and I am just trying to focus on what I am saving for! I wanna buy little things, but I know that adds up...willpower! You can do it!
  11. Be strong and save!!
    I am now saving up again, seeing I spent all my bag fund on the unexpected lockit purchase this week! That means no LV shopping spree for my bday this month.. :sad:
    It's hard but so worth it when you get your new bag!
  12. Stay strong Karman! I think it's better to stay on a ban until your Nimbus PM, it will be so worth it! Getting so many things in between won't make that big purchase that special anymore..
  13. I'm almost 100% sure that i'll be at Holt's Bloor on PSN - you want me to give you a call if they have the nimbus? (PM me your number) or put it on hold for you and you can arrange for the charge send?
  14. I've gone through the exact same thing. It helps if you don't go to the boutiques to see stuff because then you just end up wanting something.:graucho:
    Get a lost of use out of older bags that you might not be using much frequently, and remember that a month goes by quickly, you don't need anything that badly now. Wait for the Nimbus!
  15. But would they still give me a $200 gift card if I do a charge-send for over $2,250 in merchandise? I'm not sure, because I didn't know you could call other stores to do charge-send on PSN.