I have a very very stupid question

  1. Is anything at Hermes a final sale? Or do they allow a refund/return/exchange?

    Of course who would ever want to return a birkin or kelly?

    But I am just curious..
  2. Sorry- thought you asked if Hermes ever went on sale!
  3. From Hermes receipt: "Return policy: We must inform our patrons that refunds are given as merchandise credits only, provided the merchandise is returned in its original condition, with proff of purchase and with in 10 days of the date of sale. We are not able to accept any merchandise for return or exchange if damaged, altered, or sold as a "final sale" item."
  4. OH THANK You crochetbella for answering my question.
  5. Good to know!
  6. Love this forum for great information...you all are super.
  7. Nope only store credit.
  8. I was told by my SA that if you buy from hermes at NM-either in maryland or michigan - you have the same return policy as NM.
  9. That's good to know... and Neiman's is usually very reasonable about returning items.
  10. Oh wow. But the waiting list in Michigan is longer than elsewhere, isn't it?

    I'd be getting a Birkin for life anyway so I guess I don't need the return policy.
  11. I for got to say...no question is ever stupid if you don't know the answer.