I have a very important question: bal harbour vs. wet leather satchel??

  1. Hi, I am going to purchase my FIRST MJ bag ever very soon..
    and i decided to go with the 'bal harbour' but then im going to have to purchase it at Neiman Marcus (online) and they have what's called the 'wet leather satchel' i was wondering if they were the SAME bag??? because the bal harbour has the CHAIN that i REALLY like.. and in the wet satchel picture, there are no chains found. can anyone help me??? :sad:

    thanks in advance

    here are the two links.

    Marc Jacobs - Wet Leather Satchel - Neiman Marcus

    eLUXURY - Marc Jacobs Collection - Bal Harbour Satchel marc jacobs
  2. It is the same bag. NM words things differently , they used to call the stam a sham . lol , but yes it is the same bag. I am lusting after this bag as well it's beautiful. good luck.
  3. ^^ Yup. The official style name is SATCHEL (from Resort 2006's BAL HARBOUR line). It's available in Black, Eggshell, Army Green, Moccasin, Turquoise, and Canary.
  4. You know, I really, really, really wanted this bag when it first came out. I tried it on and liked the way it fit on my shoulder, despite the really heavy chain. It's a gorgeous bag, but when I thought about the practicality of owning it, I realized I would never use the poor thing. The Bal Harbour is what I consider a "trophy" bag.

    Just my two cents, don't let me deter you from buying this if you want her. If you decide to get the bal harbour, don't forget to show us pics! I LOVE drooling over this bag.
  5. If anyone plans on ordering over the phone, make sure you mention the official style name of this bag which is SATCHEL ($1275USD, style number C363012).

    There's another bag whose official style name is BAL HARBOUR ($1200USD; style number C363009), it looks like this:

    BAL HARBOUR and SATCHEL are 2 of the 6 styles from Resort 2006's BAL HARBOUR line.
  6. This bag is GORGEOUS...especially in eggshell!!! :love:

  7. My eggshell satchel just came in the mail. I think your right about it being a "trophy" bag because it's that beautiful :yahoo: and I'm loving it. I was debating on whether to get the satchel or the patchwork stam and I'm happy with this selection. yay :p Oh..the chain is a lil' heavy, but I'm thinking you can even use it as a shoulder strap.
    MJSatchel1.jpg MJSatchel2.jpg
  8. Beautiful. I love this bag, so classy and pretty. Enjoy it.

  9. YAY! I got mine 2 weeks ago too~ :smile: Hehe. I LOVE IT. IT IS SOOO PRETTY. I am sooo scared to wear it out..
  10. That is such a beautiful bag! Congratulations!!
  11. Yup...NICE bag indeed. I have this too in eggshell....LOVE IT!
  12. I really really love this bag! Especially the Moccasin color. I have looked for it everywhere and it is GONE! It was on sale at Neiman for $892 but is no longer available. Does anyone know where I can get it???
  13. Have you tried calling an MJ Boutique? You will have to pay full price but it may be worth it if you really like the bag.
  14. I love this bag--it is beautiful! NAP has it on sale in the army green...
  15. There were two of these bags on sale at the Saks/Beverly Hills. I was just in the store this past Saturday. Sorry, can't remember the cost.