I have a tight budget. like $1900 what can i buy?

  1. Hi..
    I am thinking of get one chanel bag instead of purchase louis vuitton,
    my budget is below $1900. i dont know a lot about Chanel.

    can anybody give me some suggestion?!

    I am a student, 21 years old. what kind of bag that fits my budget would suit me?! my pics is on my avator. i am the one on the right.

    thank u all. i appreciate ur help.:idea:
  2. welcome to the chanel world..

    so, which size do you need? any preference on colors?

    medium classic flap in caviar and petite shopping tote falls on your range too. i guess other lovely ladies can give you more suggestions. :p
  3. Yes, welcome to Chanel.....once you step into this world & get your first piece, you will soon become addicted!

    $1900 is actually a pretty generous budget (IMO at least) -- I think you have some great choices to select from. For a college student, I think the GST & PST in caviar could be great; GST costs $1795 now (the black/silver one is most in-demand and on back-order -- you'd need to get on a waitlist for those; but if you order it from a Saks out of your state, you save on tax!). The large Cotton Club tote is $1995, so a bit over $1900. Also there's the large Cambon Tote (I don't recall the exact price but pretty sure it's less than $1700). Both the Cotton Club and Cambon totes in the large size should fit legal documents, folders, textbooks, etc.
  4. thank u foxycleopatra and billbill. I will go to search what they look like since i am not too familiar those names. haha.

    so how about the flaps, will that be too mature for me?
    i love chanel flaps, it's so classic and pretty.

    thanks again, it's very helpful
  5. I don't think the flaps would be too mature, I'm also 21. It would be classic and you can use it for the rest of your life. I guess it depends what you're going to use it for. Flaps would be great for going out but probably not for school. I loved the large cambon tote for school, it's a great size for carrying notebooks and stuff. I wouldn't mind getting a gst too I think it's a great size too, right now I only have a pst.
  6. i would go for one of the coco cabas style...
    it's very youngish and lots of to choose from for 1900$ and below :yes:
  7. Thank u, xoAKIxo ;) I think i want something i can normally use when out for shopping or either go to school. I like the cambon tote, but my mom has that one.so i dont want to copy her, hehe.....

    And thank u, seahorseinstripes...I like coco cabas too, but is it sold out everywhere?

    I am studying at Buffalo, NY now.....no chanel near by..not even a nice mall. so i will go to toronto this weekend or next week. i would like to know is there anything from chanel that is pretty and i dont need to sign on waiting list? thanks
  8. for the first chanel purchase i would go for classic flap .. its so classic and timeless .. it's a must for your closet :heart: :heart:

    Good Luck:love:

    I seem to remember that our Canadian purse sisters aren't much impressed by the Chanel shopping in Toronto. So what do you think of the idea of hopping onto JetBlue to NYC where you would have so many shops to check out (3 Chanel boutiques, Bergdorf's, Saks)?
  10. i would also recommend the classic flap.
  11. hi phoebe. i think the chanel flaps would look really great on you. but if you like to carry a lot of things in your purse and would also like to use it for school to maybe put paper work/books... i really suggest getting the GST (Grand Shopping Tote) its well under ur price range : $1750 -i know i know i'm biased here:shame: (that's d only one i have :p ) but i really think u should put it under your "maybe" list. good luck !
  12. If you're looking for a bag for these purposes, then I wouldn't recommend a classic flap, as much as I love that bag. I think the GST or cotton club tote would be really hot AND functional for you! :nuts:

    I'm not sure what they have in stock right now in the Toronto stores, but don't forget to check out both boutiques - the stand alone boutique on Bloor as well as the boutique inside Holt's. :yes:

    Good luck!! Can't wait to see pics of what you get!! :yahoo:
  13. Thank u ladies, i would keep those suggestion in mind. :yes:

    I actually live in NYC, i just study in here Buffalo....i have not decide i should back to NYC or not. I dont wanna back to NY, just for sign up a waiting list.:shrugs:

    how much stuff can u fit in a flaps, after i research it, it seems have many different size. :rolleyes: ( i know, it's not a school bag.:push: but that is so pretty)
    also the GST seems very functional.

    does anyone know where can i still get a coco cabas? is it sold out everywhere?

    I always feel that chanel is very very expensive, i might not have many choice especially when i have a budget. though, it's still very expensive for me, i think i still got some choice that u ladies suggest me. :love:

    hope i can score a good one.
  14. I wish I had the GST when I was in college. It fits notebooks, folders, and a textbook perfectly.

    With $1900, you have a pretty good range of purses you can buy. I think the GST is $1750 without tax right now. You can also get an E/W bag if you'd like a smaller, easier to carry bag that'd also be appropriate for evenings.
  15. 1900 is sooo not a tight buget!!