I have a technical question regarding my computer and was wondering if anyone...

  1. had any advice or expertise on the matter! And sorry for posting this here but I didn't know where else to do so!

    Recently I tried turning on my computer and tried rebooting it. The problem is that my computer is now in a perpetual rebooting loop and will not load Windows, so I can't log onto my computer! All of this is due to a faulty hardrive. My computer is fairly new (had it for about 8 months) it is an HP Pavillion and a pretty good one at that. I called HP and they told me that I'm under warranty and so I wouldn't have to pay anything for repairs or replacement however if they replace the hardrive I will lose all of my data! EVERYTHING will be lost unfortunately!

    So I took a chance and took my computer to BEST BUY in the off chance that they might be able to recover my data. Personally I didn't have much faith in bestbuy to begin with but still shelled out about $160 for them to run diagnostics and to tell me that I had a faulty hardrive (already knew this) and all they could end up saving were a few worthless files on my computer! In other words nothing was saved, none of my photos, downloaded music, documents, software, games, etc. They were not able to retrieve anything that I requested! Which makes me wonder what they ended up trying to do but anyway. And unfortunately if I had backed up my data like I was supposed too I wouldn't be going through any of this but ultimately it is HP's fault because the hard drive is bad!

    So my question is this, can I send my harddrive to a specialist or some kind of data retrieval service to try and salvage my data or will this be too expensive? I've heard that it can get very expensive to do this but if I decide too which service should I use? Does anyone have any advice for me? I would appreciate any help!!!

    Moral of the story is... ALWAYS back up your data!!!
  2. You should be able to find someone who can recover your data. What you might do is ask people you know who are nerds :smile: if they can recommend a good local place, and if all else fails, you can get your Yellow Pages and call around and sort of "interview" different places.

    Generally speaking, my own personal experience has been that you will have better luck with a small, locally owned, family-type business.

    And even though you might not be much of a nerd, you can get a sense, when you interview, of the person you are speaking to. Are they friendly, willing to take the time to listen to your problem, answer your questions? Do they seem to have more interest in selling you something than solving your problem? What local clients do they have to whom they can offer as references?

    Which reminds me of another thing you can do. If you do not know any nerds, you can ask at your school or workplace, who takes care of the computers there.

    What you need to find is somebody who will be straight with you about whether they can recover your data, if so, how much it will cost, and how long it will take, and it needs to be somebody with a good and demonstrable track record of having done that, and somebody who is glad to get your business, and although they may certainly hope that you will be so impressed with them that you come back and buy other services and/or products, today all they want to do is present you with your data!
  3. ugh i hate when that happens! i've never bothered having it done because i tend to have reasonable amounts of stuff backed up anyway and it costs a small fortune. but if you want to go ahead, check your home insurance, you could be covered for data recovery.
  4. Thank you ladies! All great advice! Just to update you on what has happened, after bringing home the computer from best buy yesterday I left the computer alone and today I hooked it up and tried turning it on just in the off chance that maybe it would work (praying was more like it) and believe it or not I was able to log in!!!!!!!!!! I still can't believe it! Best Buy told me when I picked up my computer that I needed a new hard drive and that they couldn't retrieve any of the data on my computer but when I came home and hooked it up EVERYTHING on my computer was accessible to me! How is that possible???? It just leads me to believe that some of those technicians at best buy are kind of clueless and don't really care! But I am thankful either way because now I don't have to get into the hassle of paying for expensive data retrieval! woo hoo!!!! Thank you all for your help, much appreciated! Tomorrow I'm buying an external hard drive and I am currently backing up my data!!!!!