I have a stupid question^^ regarding JPG birkin(?)

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  1. Hi, Ihave a kind of stupid question. HAC is not exactly birkin. It is Haut a Couirrous (?), right? So, it is not officially birkin. Then, what about JPG? Is it birkin or it is something else like HAC? On a receipt, what is it going to say? Is it going to say JPG birkin or simply JPG? I have not received my JPG shipment yet. So I don't know how the receipt will say. Please anyone teach me about JPG-shoulder birkin(?).
  2. Well, I know that HAC is similar to the birkin but is a little taller with shorter handles. The JPG (Jean Paul Gaultier) shoulder birkin is shorter with handles that can go over the shoulder.

    I'm sure the more experienced Hermes ladies can offer more for you...
  3. The HAC is the original design. I think it was originally to carry riding boots. The Birkin is the modern interpretation of the HAC.
  4. My Hermes receipt says JPG Birkin and the color of it
  5. Thank you!
  6. I think it depends on the store. When I bought mine (which was 2 years ago), it said Shoulder Birkin.
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