I have a scratchy issue...

  1. Ladies, after looking through the reference thread and asking questions [thanks to all], I decided to get the Ultimate Soft in black quilt. The price seemed to be better than the others, and it seems to fit alot. It looks like a great everyday bag. I'm not a 'tote' person. Plus, it is modern, but has the chain. Alittle bit of old and new....

    When I got it, I noticed that it wasn't as, well, quilty, as the red one I saw in a photo on tpf. Then I became obsessive about the leather scratching. I'm really a caviar person. I returned a distressed leather last year because it looked worn before I got it to the car! I know this is not distressed, but it is still a smooth leather.

    Do you Ultimate owners have an issue with this? And why is my black bag a flatter quilt that the red? Thanks for the imput. I really have begun to trust the judgement on this forum.
  2. The ultimate soft is lambskin so it is delicate but I dont think it scratches easy, what red quilted bag do you have? Is it caviar? I havent heard of anyone having any issues with thier ultimate soft.
  3. The red quilted belongs to one of tpfers. I am confused as to why it seems to have more of a quilt than by black one does.
  4. deleted- misread OP
  5. That bag is a different one. It is the "Sombrero" style Ultimate Soft. It was much more expensive $2K+; that is why it is more quilted.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  6. ooooooh, that's why....thanks so much for clearing it up.:yes:

  7. You're very welcome! Glad to be of help! :smile:

    -Stephanie (pond23)