I have a scammer hot on my tail

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  1. This is a first for me. I sold my Gucci Horsebit on eBay to a new buyer, who used the BIN option. I had a feeling that he was trying to pull one over...his communication was so nice and he had a good story about proposing to his GF with a ring and my bag….just gave me a bad feeling.

    I mailed the bag UPS fully insured, signature required. When I contacted him to see if he was happy with the transaction (I saw that the bag had been delivered)...he emailed me and said there was no purse in the box. His "secretary" did sign for the package...and now he is making up this sob story about his GF being in a car accident and he wants to know what I am going to do about the missing bag. He even asked me if I forgot to include the Gucci in the box, saying "sometimes that happens you know". I asked him if his secretary might have mishandled the package and he responded:

    Hello,secretary did absolutely not mishandle it!
    Can you find out from UPS what happened please?
    I am waiting,let me know.

    Anyway, how far do I go with this guy? I assume he is a scammer. Do I file an insurance claim or do I tell him it is his problem? I have proof of mailing, insurance, weight, and a signature acceptance. He paid instantly via PP and provided a confirmed address
  2. MMM, so exactly what is the scam here? I apologize for not following you but I will love to learn from this lesson. Do you suppose that he wants money back now? That sucks!! Did he insure?
  3. I think he is trying to get me to refund or file a claim. He hasn't come out and said.... I just have a bad feeling he is working up to something.
  4. What company did you use for packaging? That is a scam because the package was delivered. Did you pack it yourself or did you drop it?
  5. Okay that's just strange (his story). Not to diminsh anything and I hope for his sake it isn't true, but that's a lot of drama for one story, you know?

    Anyway, have him take a picture of the postage stamp-- they should have the weight on there for you. That is your proof that yes, the bag was in the box. You did well by doing sig confirmation because you know it got to him (makes me wonder if he'd planned to do something shady all along but once he had to sign for it wasn't able to use the trusty "lost in the mail"). I think your bases are covered, and I hate to be a Debbie Downer but this guy sounds like he's up to no good :tdown:
  6. I agree and maybe the mods should start a sticky of this thread because as painful as it is for all of us, there is ppl out there who are trying countless ways to scam others. There are some others that have different stories to share and it should be a great service for all of us to be aware through this forum.
  7. I am confused though...a confirmed address is ussually your billing address so it ussually isn't a business address unless that is where he receives his bill.

    I would go to the whitepages.com and try to get his name and address there and see if it really is his home address or a business address.

    You can also tell him you will file an insurance claim, but he would have to fill out a statement saying that there was nothing in the package, and it is mail fraud to claim otherwise.

    If he says it is a business ask him for the name and number of the business so you can call him there, then (when you get the #) tell him that you would like to speak to the owner of the company because you think that he should be informed that there is a theif working for him, because you think that he would want to know....Another TPFer did this and I believe it worked for them, hopefully they will pipe in with some more help for you.
  8. wow..yes, definitely sounds like a scammer to me. he is trying to con you into getting a refund, so he can get a free bag! the way the buyer's response was written (strange English), all the drama added into it (telling you about this supposed proposal, car accident, etc) points in that direction. just my $0.02. i wouldn't refund..and ask for more info b4 doing any insurance claim. yeah taking picture of the postage stamp sounds like a good idea. if he refuses or claims that "he threw the box out" (yeah right!!) then he's definitely a scammer
  9. I used UPS. The Gucci was in the Gucci box. I bought a mailing box at the UPS store and it was sealed in front of me.
  10. The weight of the box and cost of shipping will help you fight this. Tell him that in the email and maybe he'll back off.
  11. I paid 45 for shipping... 1K insurance and 5.6# box weight. It is printed on my rec't. Good thing I kept the rec't!!!!!
  12. ^ yeah, then you should be good. there's *no way* he can claim that you sent an empty box!
  13. Definitely sounds like a scammer! Way too many excuses. Plus, I'm pretty sure if my SO was in a car accident (I'm assuming it was bad since he felt the need to mention it) the last thing I would be thinking about would be eBay! Good thing you kept the receipt with the weight on it! And also good point that someone had about his address being a business- I'm not sure many people get their bills sent to their office! I'm sorry this happened to you and I hope you can resolve this!
  14. He definitely sounds like he is pulling something on you. Since you shipped via UPS and you say they packed and sealed it right in front of you, you know it was in there. Let UPS handle if for you, as I don't think you have to do anything. Tell him to take it up with UPS. You insured it and they aren't gonna pay off on a deal like that....him claiming it wasn't in the box. In my opinion it is not your problem it is UPS's.
  15. I think you need him to say the box was empty so that way he can't turn around on you and say there was something in there that caused it to weigh 5lbs or whatever. People can be crazy like that.