I have a Sad Sad Heart with Pics....

  1. I want to Thank everyone who shared my story of my GREAT DH in getting the Satchel on my wishlist 11143. Since I have gotten the handbag I have been just gazing at it...something just didnt seem right.

    The color, brown sig/brown leather looked right, the pockets looked right, but something seemed to be missing, but I couldnt place it. So I thought I would get the Coach catalog and look at my beauty again. Hmmm my handbag didnt have the latch coming from the back of the purse. Then I went to the Coach website, yeah my handbag didnt have the latch coming from the back. Then I started to look at the hardware on the bag. My handbag had extra rivets, but something else, on the bottom of my handbag, I have signature fabric on the bottom of the bag, where I thought the whole bottom of the bag should be LEATHER.

    Called the DH...uh babe, something is wrong with my bag it isnt the same from the website and catalog!!! DH was shocked, he said wow that is a BIG difference with the latch in the middle, huh? I said yeah. I told him I would call JAX and ask questions.

    I call JAX asked about the 11143 bag. So does the latch come from the back of the bag? Yes. Is the bottom of the bag ALL leather? Yes. On the website it says there is a zipper in the bag, where is it located? Lemme check on that. Well the website is wrong, there is no zipper on the back of that bag. Hmm okay I said and asked again… but leather on the bottom and latch still coming from the back huh. Yes Mam.

    I call the DH immediately. I GOT A KNOCK-OFF bag from COACH warehouse!!! How can this be? :wtf: DH tells me he is going to call JAX. He gets the same answers, but JAX questions maybe my bag was a redesign and asks for the number inside the bag. I give him the number from inside the bag and JAX says, Nope that is the correct number. Well sir you can take it store and return it for another one.

    SOOO…We go to the store to return the bag and get another one. We pull out our KNOCK-OFF handbag and inquire, this is not the bag from the catalog or website. The SA’s are quick to tell us oh yeah there was a redesign, all the bags we have in the back are like this one. I said we called JAX that is NOT what they are saying. SA’s repeat, well all the bags in the back are the same, I look at the DH and tell him with tears in my eyes ….I don’t want it…SIGH. My heart is heavy. DH trying to make it better, can I get u something else? What would make it better…my DH is sooo COOL! :tender:

    I haven’t decided yet but….I am thinking I might have to go to another designer. WHY WHY did COACH do the switcheroo on me????!!! Why did they change it and NOT tell anyone huh? I am sooo disappointed.

    Well at this very moment I have only ONE true LOVE…and it is ALI LEATHER SHOULDER FLAP #10329 and if Coach gets rid of that line…I think I might be moving on!

    I am sooooo heartbroken. I hope this thread makes sense..I am not at my best :crybaby:

    Has this happen before or to anyone else?

    Below are the pics of the handbag from the website/catalog and my KNOCK-OFF bag which is the redesign apparently. sigh
    11143 from Coach Website.jpg 11143 IRL front.jpg 11143 IRL top.jpg 11143 IRL back.jpg 11143 IRL bottom.jpg
  2. I am really sorry about what happened with your bag and the redesign. The Legacy Satchel from last year is the best in my honest opinion and has the buckle which comes up from the back. I really think that it is a classic design which will stand the test of time. That being said I can only agree with you that the Ali is the best bag from the Legacy Anniversary Collection and you can never go wrong with an Ali. Good luck deciding on a new bag.
  3. Wow! that is horrible and shocking. Im so sorry this has happened to you. Try not to get your hopes down, I've been a Coach addict for years and have never had any thing like this happen before. Maybe you should try the ali. Its just beautiful.
  4. Alot of times bags shown in the catalog are prototypes/pre-production samples.

    Personally, I like the bag you received better...the strap that goes over the bag would annoy the heck out of me after the first few uses.

    I should also add that last year's satchels had the strap that went over the top, but not in that pretty chocolate color.
  5. Why would they change it? And not inform the website peopel to change it on there. That's really deciving to people!!

    Sorry that happend. I would have been going crazy! And figured I had a fake bag just like you! Wow. Doesn't sound like they really have all the crap in the same pile!
  6. How disappointing for you! I know how it is to have your heart set on something EXACTLY that you want and when it isn't the same it just is such a let down.:sad:

    I still think your bag is beautiful, but if you aren't happy with it I'd definitely return it and get something else that you *love* instead.
  7. Seemingly, this happens quite often. I can't answer why it happens but it does. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if was all financially motivated. After all, not adding the leather top strap and removing the leather from the bottom saves them money, right? It doesn't alter the look of the bag completely, but it keeps more money in their pocket because they charge the same for it. :sad:

    Becky, I am really sorry about your bag. I know how it feels to be totally excited about something, only to be let down. Ask yourself, though, whether you were happy with it before you discovered the difference. If you were, it might be worth keeping. Just a thought...
  8. Krispin (and others) are totally correct. For example, if you look on the website the '06 leather Mandy has a latch coming across the top of the bag from the back. But every Mandy I've seen in IRL doesn't have that - the latch is just a design and does not come across the bag at all. The website also shows the back pocket running the full length of the bag (looking seemless) whereas IRL, the back pocket is a lot smaller and is stitched on in the middle.

    I posted all that to say that you didn't get a knock-off but sometimes Coach does change the design. Now why they don't update their dag on website to reflect the new design is BEYOND me.

    (((HUGSS) to you sweetie and I hope you can get this resolved to your satisfaction.
  9. I love the look of the one from the website / catalog. But, I also agree with Krispin41...that strap that goes over the top of the bag would make me crazy too.

    Sorry that this happened. I am sure there is another Coach bag out there that is perfect for you!
  10. Wow, I'm shocked. Even thought the latch coming across teh top can be a pain in the neck, it makes the bag beautiful. i would have returned it too. i feel sad for you though. Are you maybe interested in last year's legacy satchel?
  11. I am so sorry for you! Please don't let this get you down...although I know for sure I'd be just as upset! Take your time and find the most perfect bag for you!! Good luck to you!!
  12. I have to agree with krispin, I like the new design better. I loved the look of the old one, but could not have dealt with that strap.

    I know it's disappointing when you've got your heart set on a certain thing. Maybe you can pick something else out for now, then find one of the older designs at auction later?
  13. whats up with coach and them switching it up??? that happened on one of my nailhead braclets too!!! why cant they just deliver what they show?!?!
  14. oh wow....sorry to hear that. i would be sooo disappointed too. i like how it looks with the latch coming from the back. have you figured out what your replacement bag is gonna be?
  15. how awful! i remember reading your thread about your bday surprise, you were so excited. i admit, i was wondering why the buckle strap didn't go over the top of the bag, but i thought maybe this was a different bag that wasn't listed on the website anymore. so i didn't say anything. but to be honest, i think i like this version better. i saw the legacy satchel at macy's in person. the strap over the top made it to difficult to get in and out of the bag, so i can see how coach came to the conclusion to redesign the bag...although redesigning without informing us through any type of marketing tactic...shame on coach!

    so sorry sweetie...so are you still going to keep it though? your dh must feel so bad. :sad: