I have a reveal :-)

  1. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Hi ladies. After admiring Chloe-babes beautiful ostrich reg lily, a leather I hadn't really looked at before, I took a look at m.com! I have never really been interested in mini lily, too small I thought but loved the look of the leather. I have got a small black Chanel for special occasions but nothing else in black for the more everyday occasions. Can you see how I talked myself into this one...! Anyway, here is my mini lily in black ostrich. Made in Spain. The leather is beautiful and very thick.,the chain length perfect for me at a not very tall 5ft 4".
  2. Forgot to say she was 50% off too which always helps with a decision. I will take a family pic with her lily sisters later, thanks for looking :smile:
  3. It's beautiful! Congrats on the bag. I've always admired the ostrich leather and you can't go wrong when there's 50% off :smile:
  4. It's so cute! I love black and gold together, it looks very classy on your lily. Congratulations - you just need a party invitation now :smile:
  5. Thank you! I have school sports day next week, that's an invitation...right?
  6. Beautiful!
  7. But of course ;)
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  8. It's very cute! :heart: And very versatile too!
  9. Well done hun enjoy!!!
  10. Love this its gorgeous
  11. Here's a family shot.
  12. gorgeous lily! I love black with gold too.
  13. Very cute addition to your already cute Lily collection. :smile: Enjoy!
  14. When you upload pictures you should see a choice to save them as thumbnails or as full size. Click on full size and you get pics like they used to be on the old version of tpf :smile:
  15. Thank you. I will try this next time. It's taking me a while to get my head around the new format!! X