I have a really stupid question

  1. I just bought my first Coach bag on e-bay. I got it today in the mail and registered it online. I didn't get an error message so I guess it really is authentic. :yahoo:

    Anyway, do you think I should take it to the store to have them look at it just to make sure or should I be okay? I'm totally new to this and don't know how it works. Thanks.
  2. Not a stupid question!

    You could post some photos in this thread, along with a link to the auction, and I am sure that you can get some help!

    Unfortunately, Coach's online registration does not verify authenticity. Counterfeiters sometimes know the correct numbers to use. Also, I am not sure that the online registration would be able to tell the difference between a legitimate and fake number, anyway.
  3. Someone already authenticated it from pics in that thread. I'm just scared to death I paid good money for a fake so I'm being anal rententive.

    It came with a gift reciept from a Coach Outlet even. I'm just being a freak. Don't mind me. :rolleyes:
  4. Congrats on your new Coach bag! What did you buy? Post a pic here so we can all ooohh and ahhh over her! :yes:
  5. Yeah, let us see it! :yes: As far as taking it into a boutique it's kind of hit or miss. I know if someone brought a bag in and asked us if it was real and it wasn't, my manager would sometimes tell them in as polite a way as possible that it wasn't manufactured by Coach. Always an awkward situation!
  6. Oh, okay! I just looked in the authentication thread so you must be referring to the blue Hamptons carryall? There's only one photo left (the others were removed after the auction ended) and the one that's left looks good. The seller has good feedback and the Coach bag she has listed right now is authentic. I really don't think you have anything to worry about, especially considering that it came with a gift receipt!

    Relax and enjoy your new bag!! :yes:
  7. Alright, let me take some pics.
  8. Okay, introducing my Hamptons Pebbled Leather Large Carryall in blue. I'm planning on using it as a pseudo diaper bag/purse since it's so large. It's perfect since I have two little boys. :smile:



  9. I have a more stupid question, you can register coachs? I tried to at one point but could not find it on the website? Say WHAT?
  10. I just typed in "register purse" in the search bar on coach.com and it came up with a page for you to type your info in. I'm not sure of the exact website you go to though...sorry.
  11. sydkat75, no worries - your bag is authentic (and beautiful)! And, I love your bag prop, too.

    BTW, bags can be registered but it really serves no purpose anymore. Back in the day Coach used to assign unique serial numbers to bags, which it no longer does.
  12. Thank you. I NEVER spend that much money on myself so I've been freaking out. The two little ones need too much stuff for lots of extra money around here.

    (I'm kinda partial to my bag prop too. He's my baby. The other one is almost 4 already.)
  13. cute bag, definitely authentic and i never register my bags either...lol
    oh and welcome to tPF
  14. That's a lovely bag, definitely authentic and a great purchase. It will last you years!

  15. I just picked up the same bag in black this past weekend!
    It's gorgeous I am obsessed with it!
    I'm using it as a work and travel tote.
    I love that I can fit my planner and my work notebook in it.