I have a question

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  1. My DH bought me a tribecca purse for Christmas I have just started using it. I have only used it for two weeks and I noticed the patent strap that interwinds with the chain has broken. He bought it from Macys and I called them and they said to bring it in the manager would have to look at it and then they think it might need to be sent in for repair.

    So my question is would it be better do go with Macys or can I return it to a coach store or outlet?
  2. I *think* you can call Coach customer service and have it sent in for repair. If you can, go through Coach. You should be able to take it to a boutique/outlet and have it sent in.
  3. I have the receipt for it.
  4. Here are some possibilities. You take it to Coach to be sent out for repair- doesn't matter if you bought it at Macy's or not (better off not telling them, as they may waive the fee to send it out for repair). If you want to take it back to Coach, don't tell them you got it from Macy's, say you got it as a gift. If they have the bag in stock in the store, they will most likely do an even exchange for you. OR you can probably take the bag back and get store credit for the lowest value the purse has been sold for.
    Only thing i am not sure of is if you take it back to the coach store, they will try to look you up (or the "fake" person you tell them that got you the bag as a gift...if they do this, then you cant do an exchange or store credit). I would 1st got to Macys and try to do an even exchange if they still have the bag and then if they don't defnitely go to Coach to get it repaired. Make sure if you're going to have it sent out for repair that you tell them that you have barely used the bag and the strap broke. If you make it sound like the bag was defective, they will most likely waive the fee- saves you $20!
    Let's just say I have a special connection and know the Coach return policies pretttyyyy well :smile:
  5. Thanks so much
  6. Yes Coach will take all of their bags back no matter where you got it.. but I do not think they will be able to repair it... You should go to Macy's first and see if they have another one and can exchange it and if they can not see what Macy's can offer you and then go to Coach and compare.. You may get full credit at Coach..
  7. I think I will go to Macy's first with my receipt and see if they will exchange it if not then I will go to the coach boutique.

    Thanks for your help