I have a question

  1. okay, now that I am head over heels in love with my brown ali, I have never loved a bag this much and have been eyeing white for a while.. so before pce is over, I was thinking of ordering ian ali or slim flap in white.. I have 3 kids, none are babies, so I am not totally anal and do not want to be overboard caring for it, but I can take care of it.. my biggest question is with jeans transfer.. I am not even understanding how it is touching the jeans, my ali doesn't hang that low.. am I not getting something :confused1: Also, is it only jeans that transfer.. like my shirts and stuff wouldn't transfer, I would just have to be careful around pens and stuff, right?? Thanks guys! :tup:
  2. oh man, I am just on the VERGE of ordering and don't know what to do!!!! :confused1::throwup::confused1:
  3. I can't help because that was my fear also. I wear jeans all the time! Black and Blue in Winter, Denim Capris in summer and occasionally denim shorts and thats why White terrifies me so much. I have a friend who is doing some outlet shopping for me and she said she could get me the large Carly with the green C's and I told her no because of this same reason. I'm terrified of white!

    I decided to go with the Denim flap instead.
  4. yeah, thanks for the input.... I love the denim slim flap.. wish my outlets had them!!! I just don't get how the denim is getting on the white.. oh well.. anyone that owns one have any input??