I have a question

  1. If I ordered something over the phone and it was shipped to me and I need to return it to a different store (different state) all I have is the packing slip, no other receipt will the boutique or outlet be able to look up what I paid and all that, or how does that work exactly??> TIA!!
  2. I *think* purchases are available to view in the computer for two weeks so if it's within that time you may be okay. If it's past two weeks and you only have the packing slip I think you're only able to get a merchandise credit.

    Someone PLEASE correct me if I am wrong!!
  3. Yeah, I am confused on that because I bought something on a trip out of state and can't find the receipt, called coach and they said there is no way to look it up in their computers at all, but I could get a merch credit... but this order I called the same coach store out of state, they sent it to me through coach since they didn't have it in, so that is the only receipt I ever received.. something doesn't seem right that I would only get credit back if I paid on a credit card.. maybe I will have to call and see what they say.. hmm.. :confused1:
  4. if you request, they will mail you a register receipt as well, but it will come seperately. If you don't have a receipt, you will only get store credit.
  5. yeah I just called the closest store and they said the other store should have sent me a receipt, that is what they do... bummer.. so now I am stuck with no receipt, and only able to get store credit.. I will figure it out.. thanks for your help!! :smile: