I have a question....

  1. I asked in the FAQs thread but I guess no one saw my question, but do Coach boutiques put things on hold? I can't get what I want yet but I'm afraid it will be sold out by the time I go to get it. Thanks in advance!
  2. That's a good question. I've wondered that myself. Hopefully someone here will know.
  3. I know outlets will hold things for you, but for 48 hours only. I'm not sure about full price stores.
  4. The two full-price stores near me will put things on hold for 48 hours. They also usually call at the end of the 48 hours to check if you still want it before they put it back out.
  5. Thanks! Hopefully they won't sell out before I can put it on hold. :biggrin:
  6. call the store I am sure they will put it on hold for you with no problem
  7. you can always call and ask.

    i asked my store yesterday if they could order something and have it sent to the store (parents are catching on to the multitude of coach deliveries...oops). and not buy it until pce. they said no problem. (but not sure if that meant paying up front or not).