I have a question regarding my Ludlow purchase...

  1. I was wondering if anyone here who has bought a Vernis Ludlow wallet has had any type of problems with the snap enclosures? Because I just got mine on Friday and one of them is a bit loose, when I try pulling it open, I can see it pulling away from the leather, it isn't stable. Is this a big enough defect to warrant an exchange? I'm just concerned after some wear and tear that the problem may worsen and then I'll really be stuck and regret not having done something about it! Any thoughts?
  2. The snaps should definitely not be pulling away from the leather! Sounds like you need to do an exchange.
  3. do an exchange! i have the vernis one, and it does NOT do that!
  4. Exchange it it's a defect.
  5. Yeah..I have a bronze vernis one from a couple of years ago and it doesn't do that. Exchange it.
  6. I agree, back it goes!
  7. Thank you all for your help! I'm going to ask for an exchange, I really like the wallet especially in the Vernis (although it was smaller then I expected it still seems surprisingly functional for when I need something smaller to use and don't want to carry a bunch of cards and things around with me). Thanks!!!!!