I have a question....or two....or three....

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  1. I know a color and style I want in the 2006 fall/winter collection. When do these come out and how do I get one? Would I be best calling Balenciaga NY and speaking with someone now to get a reservation of sorts or should I wait and order from Aloha Rag? How do you know what colors will be produced in what styles?
  2. i think as soon as they start taking names for fall you should call up a few different retailers to get on a couple lists at least- then its more than likely you'll get one.
  3. When do they do that?
  4. Balenciaga NY is probably your best bet for getting the style and color you want, but you cannot get a refund- only a store credit. Aloha Rag is great, there is a $50 restocking fee- but since they don't charge for shipping or tax, it pretty much evens out. You can also try NM or Barneys- they usually get most of the colors, but not all. Definitely worth a phone call. As for what is coming out in the Fall: check out this website, its really the only info out there:
  5. i dont know- i would call BalNY once a week until they take your name and promise you that you are on the list.
  6. Thank you for the link. That is how I found the color I cannot live without. How do I find out what bags will be in what colors? Or is it just a waiting game?
  7. they usually make all the bags in all the colors- but i think at different quantities for each style/color...
  8. Gotcha. Good information for me. I appreciate it, thanks for your help! :idea:
  9. i think you should call Bal NY... they're really helpful! :smile: