I have a question ladies...I want to sell a Spy on Ebay...

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  1. this is one I bought on Ebay - from a reputable seller - authenticated here. I was watermarking my pictures and looking at what is already up for sale - there are several in my color for quite a bit less money than I need to ask. Of course, most of these, if not all, are fake. Do any of you more experienced sellers have any tips or advice for me? I'm willing to take a loss, but not a huge loss!

    By the way - I've never used it - in fact, the seller attaches her own "security" tags - and they are still attached.

    Thanks! :yes:
  2. Well, if it is in one of the permanent colors (black, chocolate brown, cognac) or overstocked recent season colors such as honey, then it looks like you will be able to sell if you price it at $1100. Authentic spies in easy to find colors priced at $1500 have not been selling too well lately, so if you price it at $1100 (approx. 50% off retail), it will help to stimulate bidding. That's also assuming that the bag is in like new condition. If there is any wear what so ever, then you should price it lower if you want it to sell.
  3. Do you have the original receipts and tags. That is always a huge draw when selling as it can prove authenticity.
    Just keep reiterating throughout the sale that this bag is genuinely authentic, and also offer a return policy if the bag was found to be a fake, as that also gives reassurance to buyers on ebay.

    Good luck. It is possible to sell if you ask for the right price. I sold a baby spy a couple of months ago, the day that I put the auction on.
  4. Poo - it is in a permanent color, but if I price it at $1100, I'll take a HUGE loss! It's not in like new condition - it IS brand new - never carried! :shrugs:

    Maybe I should wait...or maybe I'll just list it at the price I want, and if it doesn't get sold, I can always re-list it. :confused1:
  5. Well, you can certainly try, but in case you haven't checked out ebay, there have been quite a few authentic spies listed for $1500-$1800 for weeks (re-listed too), and nobody's bid on them.
  6. Thanks - yes, I have checked it out. Maybe I'll decide to take less. :shrugs:
  7. If you are selling an authentic spy and its not one of the more sort after colours your best time to list is middle Nov end Nov. Prices seem to really go through the roof then as people are buying for christmas. Good Luck P.S. its not a Petrol Blue is it?

  8. Thanks - I'll remember that. And no - it's not Petrol, it's Black. :s
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