I have a question for gathered sophia owners please...

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  1. My black leather gathered Sophia appears to be longer in the front than the back and would tip over backwards if not full. Is this a design flaw or normal?
    As you know this bag cost quite a lot (at least for me) so if I need to exchange it I should do it now before they sell out.. I really would like it is sit up pretty!:biggrin:
    I appreciate any advice and feedback
  2. I have the Small Leather Sophia and she stands just fine!But the shape of the Sophia is one in its own, and I love it..I would say if you are more comfortable getting another, then do so..Before they are gone like you said!Can you post pic.s, that way I can see what you are describing?
  3. I am sorry dawnqueenb69, I do not know how to post pictures... I know, I'm lameo...
  4. here's a how-to on posting photos, karolyn...(it's really easy to just upload them as an attachment from your computer)

  5. No you are not lameo! Everyone has to learn:smile: You can see how my sophia is sitting in my signature below..What exactly is yours doing?I'am trying to picture what you said in your original post..Well hopefully you can try to load pic.s so we can be more help...:smile:I forgot to add that I had not put my stuff in my Sophia at the time of this pic. and she is standing fine..
  6. I noticed this with when I looke at several gathered bags before picking just the right one :smile: Mine is even both front and back but a couple I saw were not and maybe it's due to the soft leather used for this bag. Since you love the gathered Sophia try exchanging her for one that appears more even.

    I wonder though over time if this leather will relax and become softer and have more "give" to it. Either way I would love it, it's such a beautiful leather design I've seen Coach do in a LONG time!
  7. I have the small gathered and I checked her after seeing your post- mine looks even. Sorry :sad:
  8. Mine does this a tad...it tips forward a little not backward. I wondered too if that was the way the bag was made or if a flaw. But I also know the more I use it, the more I think it will even out as the leather is so soft and has so much "give."